Monday, May 18, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Jordan Forehand Entry #12

Hello Basketball World,

This is your boy Jordan. Another week closer to the end of school. I'm finishing my final book called "Baseball Great". The book reminds me of myself because it is about a kid who is trying to take his game to another level while trying to avoid outside pressures. I have a lot of studying to do for my end of year exams. My Rutgers Prep graduation is on June 5th. Can't wait for the summer!

As for basketball, this was a busy weekend. My 15U team, Sports University/Team IZOD played in the Playaz Tuneup in Englewood, New Jersey. On Saturday, we played the MSU Skyliners, Long Island Lightning (Dingle) and New Heights. We won all three games. On Sunday, we played the Playaz in the semi-finals. It was a tough game that we ended up losing. My leg cramped up in the first half and I was unable to play the rest of the game. It was really frustrating not being able to help my team. I should have drunk more fluids during Saturday's games because it was very hot in the gym. I saw my boy Reggie Cameron at the game.

I did my workouts this week with Ted Black and Val Barnaby. Both grueling and both push me to the limit. Every time I workout with them I have to keep telling myself, "it's all going to make me a better player, it's all going to make me a better player". No pain, no gain.

Before closing, I want to give shout outs to Reggie Cameron, who I saw at the Playaz Tuneup on Sunday. Also to my little guy's George and Nyrique over at Hoop Group Headquarters.

And to all the folk's who want to know where I am going to high school next year....stay tuned for the answer!