Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Jason Boswell Entry #22

It's your boy Jay smooth coming at you with an update regarding happenings in my world.

This week has been a great week for me in terms of school and basketball. We are reviewing materials for our final exams next week. My teachers are very please with my performance. My mom and dad wouldn't have any other way. We are also preparing
for our graduation on June 12th.

In my basketball world, we had a very good weekend. We won the Basketball Spotlight MDC by defeating several high profile teams such as DC. Assault, KBR and The Peacemakers. Our success was because of great coaching and great players playing together as one. If you know Coach Shandue McNeill, he teaches basketball. His players think the game, which makes it easier for him to coach them which also sets them up to succeed on any level as a coach our an elite player. After the championship, I was interviewed by MiKe Melton. Your boy handled himself like a true professional. Yo, check it out. On Monday, We also competed in our Regional Championship game. We defeated Westchester Hawks and won the chip. Next weekend will be a quiet weekend that means I will be putting in some time on my individual skill with Coach Elliott Rosado and Coach Chris.

Much love to my boys: Jequan, John John, Poppa, Jiggy Josh, Conner, Jay Why, Scoochie, Pep, Nolio, Lil Dee, and Coach Shan.