Saturday, May 30, 2009

Best Of The Best HOF Top Performers: 12U Division

Chris Baldwin (SECC All Stars)

Basketball Spotlight spent the day in Springfield, Massachusetts at the Best Of The Best Hall Of Fame Classic. We got a chance to check out some new talent on the horizon. We concentrated on the 12U and 13U Divisions. Here’s a breakdown of the players that impressed us today. First we will look at the 12U Bracket.

12U Top Performers Day 1

Chris Baldwin Forward (SECC All Stars)- Baldwin towered over the competition in his first game. The big guy stands about 6’5 and uses it to his advantage. Chris took his time once he received the rock on the blocks and scored with ease. On defense he alters shots with his mere presence and gets more than his share of rebounds.

Charles Davis Forward (SECC All Stars)- Davis cleaned up the glass playing alongside Baldwin. The attention was focused on Baldwin so Davis made living scoring and rebounding on the weak side. He’s a power player that runs the floor well.

Zavia Williams Guard (SECC All Stars)- I got a glimpse of Williams handling the rock and throwing a couple of look away passes. He looked very well in transition while pushing the rock down the throat of the defense.

Donovan Mitchell Guard (The City)- I haven’t seen Mitchell in a while but he showed me some good things this afternoon. His court vision still stands out and he used his size to score over the smaller guards. He’s a constant matchup problem for any of the opposition.

Boz Bernstein Guard (The City)- His squad seemed to be sleep walking before Bernstein stepped on the floor. Boz went right into attack mode by knocking down a few shots and creating opportunities. He gave his team instant energy once he entered the game.

Emmanuel Taylor Forward (The City)- The City has a new face and his name is Emmanuel Taylor. Taylor is still developing his skills but he sure can move a couple of bodies on the blocks. He made his presence felt early by clearing space for teammates and grabbing rebounds.

Elijah Small Guard (MABC)- Small seemed to be nursing a leg injury but still managed to chip in a few buckets during his game. He got out early in transition and used his body to shield defenders when scoring.

Ceasar Adam Forward (MABC)- Adam controlled the inside for MABC and plays with a good motor. He got a few put backs and was very active on both ends of the floor. He’s very long for this age group and seems like he a few more inches in him.

Shawn Fontes Forward (MABC)- The southpaw is a bit undersized for the power forward but you can’t knock his hustle and his contribution in the scoring column. Fontes made a living receiving feeds for the guards and converting inside.