Saturday, May 2, 2009

DC Assault Classic Recap Day 1: Top Forwards

Keenan "The Problem" Black

DC Assault Classic kicked off this weekend and Basketball Spotlight took the trip to Maryland. We are doing exclusive coverage of the 11 and Under Division and were treated to some great talent. We decided to break of coverage down by position. First he will start with the forwards that impressed us today.

Top Forwards

Keenan Black (CB Spiders)- We are going to call Keenan “The Problem” because he’s a big headache for the defenders. His size puts him in the post on this level but this kid is truly a guard. He’s too quick for most forwards and shoots over any guards in his way. Black scored every way possible today and helped his team get the win.

Dedric Lawson (CP Rim Rockers)- When you watch Lawson you first word is potential. This youngster is huge for this level but has the dribbling ability and outside touch that has big time written all over it. For instance in the closing moments he had an uncontested layup but pulled it out just to show off his 3 point range. It was hard for the coach to get angry because his trey ball hit nothing but bottom.

Jarron Cumberland (Cincinnati Knights)- Jarron is very fundamentally sound on the offensive end. He’s not overly athletic but he knows how to get position and more importantly on this level his doesn’t miss chippies. On defense he boxes out well and plays hungry for rebounds. He's also very good at playing help defense when one of the guards get beat.

Jakeem Sturgis (New Heights)- Sturgis didn’t score a lot like he did in AC but he hit the glass and made plays in their loss to the Cincinnati Knights. He’s very strong and sometimes plays with caution like he doesn’t want to hurt any opponents. He’s a game changer at this age level.

Jayson Johnson (Dc Assault)- Johnson is a finisher for this team. He receives the rock from their skilled guards and just attacks the rim. His touch is good and he has a nose for scoring the rock. He’s also a hard worker on the glass on both ends for floor.

Terrell Turner (New Heights)- Turner is a weak side rebounder and his teammates draw so much attention that he gets a few wide open chances. He has soft hands and good touch near the hole. He’s a good compliment to this squad.

AJ Perez (Team Takeover)- Perez had his moments today against CB Spiders. He made some tough baskets in the lane but what really impressed was his willingness to handle the pill while helping out his guards. He’s very light on his feet.