Monday, May 4, 2009

DC Assault Classic Recap: DC Asault (Gorham) Are Champs

DC Assault (Gorham) Wins The Crown

Anthony Cowan scored 11 points but it wasn’t enough as DC Assault Gorham defeated DC Assault 52-50 to won the 3rd Annual DC Assault Classic. Alani Moore paced the winners with 11 markers.

Spotlight Players

Alani Moore Guard (DC Assault Gorham)- I didn’t get a chance to watch Moore play until the semifinals and it was worth the wait. He put on a show against the #2 team in the country the Cincinnati Knights. Moore handled the pill like a yo-yo and toyed with their double teams. In this game the stage was lit very bright and he shined like a star. The L- Train has game!

Ako Adams Guard (DC Assault Gorham)- Adams showed some good offensive promise in the semi’s by beating the defense down the floor for buckets but it was his defensive play in the closing moments of the finals that stood out. Adams ripped on of the opposing guards in the back court for the go ahead bucket. It was a huge play.

Chryee Walker Guard (DC Assault Gorham)- Speaking of defense Walker made a few plays on that side of the rock. He used his long arms to get in the passing and also made things difficult for those trying to shoot over him.

Terrence Davis Forward (DC Assault Gorham)- Inside the lefty sealed his way to a few buckets and racked up numerous fouls on the opposition. He has good touch and knows how to fight for position on the blocks.

Chris Lykes Guard (DC Assault Gorham)- The pint size guard is very pesky and isn’t afraid to travel into the land of shot blockers. At this point his arsenal includes a decent outside shot, speed and a mean floater.

Anthony Cowan Guard (DC Assault Cowan)- Cowan is a wizard with the rock and has court vision similar to Jason Kidd. They say point guards are born with certain instincts that can’t be taught and Cowan seems to be of that breed. He hit teammates with precise dimes all weekend.

Reggie Gardner Guard (DC Assault Cowan)- Gardner showed me another side of his game in the finals when he took a small defender to the post for several plays. Reggie has a real true feel for the game and will break the opposition hear with a wet his wet jumper.

Dedric Lawson Forward (CP Rim Rockers)- Lawson did everything he could to help his team defeat DC Assault Cowan in the quarterfinals. He was very dominant inside while causing numerous double teams and defensive changes. I like the sense of urgency he showed in this one.

Jarron Cumberland Forward (Cincinnati Knights)- Simply put Cumberland just outworks opponents. He’s not the biggest or quickest forward on the floor but few possess his skill set and determination. He just doesn’t stop moving or working.

Rakym Felder Guard (New Heights)- The gun slinger just ran out of bullets against DC Assault. The lefty goes hard the entire game and will heat up in a hurry. This weekend he proved that he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Alex Leder Guard (PTS Pistons)- This shooter found his mark yesterday knocking down 7 treys. Once his confidence is flowing and his feet are set, you can put 3 points in the books. He’s a dangerous shooter.