Saturday, May 30, 2009

Best Of The Best HOF Top Performers: 13U Division

Tyree Robinson (BABC)

Basketball Spotlight spent the day in Springfield, Massachusetts at the Best Of The Best Hall Of Fame Classic. We got a chance to check out some new talent on the horizon. We concentrated on the 12U and 13U Divisions. The 13U bracket was loaded with top teams and players. Here’s a look at who stood out today.

13U Top Performers Day 1

Tyree Robinson Forward (BABC)- Wow, Robinson was a true force in his first game. He stands about 6’2 but his wingspan allows him to dominate a game on both ends. On offense he attacks the rim from the baseline or in the lane. Tyree has great leaping ability which means he will flush it on your head if you’re not careful. On defense his long arms help him block everything insight and control the boards. Talent is oozing out of his veins.

Jeremy Miller Forward (BABC)- Miller is about 6’6 and can be effective on this level but will have to pack on some mass soon. The lanky post player does have good hands and will score from drop offs. Right now his lack of strength causes him to bring the ball down before going up for a basket. This makes life easier for guards trying to strip the rock.

John Joseph Guard (BABC)- Speaking of guards BABC has a good one in Joseph. This point guard has some serious tools. He’s like a bullet with the rock and will cross defenders on a dime. John loves to drive, draw and dish to his big men but also can take over the scoring load when needed.

Jalen Adams Guard (BABC)- Adams had the hottest haircut in the building lol and his game also stood out. Adams provided some perimeter punch for this team with a mean pull up jumper and a couple of deep bombs. He has a scorers mentality and isn’t afraid to use it.

Isiah Buck-Lowman Forward (DC Assault 12’s)- I love this kids package of goods. He has size, can shoot it and put the rock on the floor. Isiah is difficult to guard because his soft touch allows him to fade away and still kiss the rock off the glass. This kid has some special talent and with hard work should get even better.

Franklin Howard Guard (DC Assault 12’s)- I love Howards posture and his guard skills on the floor. He can either score from the perimeter or cake a defender into submission. Franklin can play both guard spots but looks like he might be a true point when it’s said and done.

Terrell Allen Guard (DC Assaults 12’s)- Allen currently runs the show for this squad. He uses his smartness to set the tempo and loves getting out into transition. He has a wealth of talent around him and uses it to the fullest.

Luis Rodriquez Forward (SECC All Stars)- Luis is an athletic finisher that gets off the floor in a hurry. He drove the lane on several plays and used his leaping ability to soar over defenders before converting. He does need to work on his perimeter skills in terms of ball handling and shooting before he moves to the next level.

Nelson Zayas Guard (SECC All Stars)- This kid has a nice stroke and a sneaky handle that can leave a defender falling backwards. Nelson is very crafty and picks his spots well before attacking. He knows how to put the ball in the hole.

Amari Brown Forward (SECC All Stars)- Brown is also a hard working player on the glass. He’s a quick leaper and will play the passing lanes on defense. He too will need to develop his ball handling because will we be a guard in a few years.