Monday, May 11, 2015

Diary Of A Baller: James "Buckets" Bishop (Baltimore, MD) Entry #4

James Bishop Plane View Headed To John Lucas Camp

Hello Basketball Spotlight World, 

This is James Bishop and I’m back to tell you how my week went. 

Monday I was well rested because for once I went to sleep at a good time. I got up ate breakfast that my mom cooked and got ready for school. After school I went to St. Benedict’s workout from 4 to 6 then I took a little break before getting at it again from 6:00 to 7:30. After the workout was over I went to my friend’s house to spend the night. His mom is my school teacher so I stay there sometimes so I don’t have to get up early for school. 

On Tuesday I woke up, ate breakfast and got right to busting my school work. I like being home schooled because I can learn things at a faster pace and it challenges me a lot more. After school I went straight to Western Tech for workouts. I got up around 300 in game shots and worked on a lot of ball handling in preparation of the John Lucas Camp in a few days. Later I went home, did my physical workout and studied the game with my brother before I went to bed. 

On Wednesday I woke up and did the same school routine. After I waited for my God brother to pick me up. We did weight lifting and conditioning for one hour and thirty minutes. After that I went to DRU Hill Y to workout at 7:30. Then we finally went home ordered some pizza and went to sleep. 

Thursday after school I went to Western tech and in a hard two hour workout. I was the only person there so I was able to get in a lot of reps and focus a lot better. After the workout I was supposed to go home, get my plane ticket and pack for my trip but my brother got a new TV to play the game on. The graphics looked so good I couldn’t do anything else but play. My mother was upset that I didn’t pack or even take a shower yet. The next day I spend traveling to Houston and getting rest for the camp. 

Saturday I woke up early and ate breakfast. I started to get my mind and body set for the long day. I stretched out and listened to music until it was time to go to camp. I think I did well the first day. I worked on every aspect of my game and the competition was good. I think they really wanted to see who the real hoopers were because we went from 12-8 with a lunch in between. If you don’t live this basketball life you wouldn’t have lasted. 

Now it’s Sunday and I’m headed back to Maryland. The John Lucas Camp had great drills and competition. I went hard in every drill and played very good. I felt like I was one of the best players in the camp. But now I’m ready to head back and spend the rest of my day with my mom for Mother’s Day. 

See you guys next week. 

 James “Buckets” Bishop.