Thursday, May 28, 2015

Basketball Spotlight MDC 8th Grade Top Post Players

Eric Dixon (WE R 1)

The Basketball Spotlight MDC 8th Grade Division gave us a look at some of the top talent in the region. Our final look at the 8th Grade brings us the power players in the post. 

Basketball Spotlight MDC 8th Grade Top Post Players 

Eric Dixon (WE R 1) 
He has one of the top rising stocks in the region. Dixon was a man-child on the blocks at MDC. The lefty carved out deep position while punishing defenders with his body and scoring with a feathery touch. The gentle giant is mobile on his toes and maneuvers well for a youngster his size. Look for him to challenge Tariq Ingraham for best big man honors years to come.

Nate Tabor (Metro Celtics) 
Tabor will eventually transform to the wing but right now we have him listed in this category. One of his best attributes is how he runs the floor and finishes in transition. Most defenders checking him cannot keep pace end to end. Tabor also uses this quickness to get things done on the baseline and in traffic. He constantly finished inside and spent a lot of time at the charity stripe. 

 Adeleye Oyekanium (New Heights) 
This stat stuffer is a walking 20 point, 10 rebound guy when he walks on the floor. His combination of high motor and developing skills make him on of the most productive forwards in the region. His range continues to extend beyond the three point line. He has put together one heck of a season this campaign. This was a great pickup for the New Heights organization.

Dejournal Cook (Metro Celtics) 
Cook continues to show good athleticism inside the lane and along the baseline. Right now he plays like a high energy guy that can get things done off the glass. I think moving forward he well develop more polished moves so he can either be penciled as a wing or primary post. Right now he’s an athletic face up four. 

 Aidan Igiehon (NY Lightning) 
The big fella is still in project mode but the Lightning might have something here. Right now he’s more effective on defense by blocking or altering shots while also rebounding. He runs the floor well and seems to have a few more inches in his frame. Once his offense develops the guys on the Nike circuit need to lookout.