Thursday, May 28, 2015

Basketball Spotlight MDC 8th Grade Top Wing Forwards

Seth Lundy (Philly Triple Threat)

The Basketball Spotlight MDC 8th Grade Division gave us a look at some of the top talent in the region. Our third stop will be with the top wing forwards that made the trip to Hoop Group Headquarters. 

Basketball Spotlight MDC 8th Grade Top Wing Forwards   

Seth Lundy (Philly Triple Threat) 
You have to love Lundy’s game on the wing because it’s tailor made for the position. He has developed his ball handling which has helped him attack. He also has the legit size to finish above shot blockers. He pumped in 14 points apiece against Metro Celtics and Team BOS while also tallying 12 markers in their semi-final loss to Team RIO.

Scottie Lewis (Team RIO National) 
It wasn’t a high scoring weekend for the versatile wing but he still was very productive. He rebounded well and became the major shot blocker for his squad. On defense he was a hawk on the press by playing the passing lanes or retreating to block the shots of opponents breaking loose. Some players don’t know how to do other things if their shot is off but Lewis isn’t one of those players.

Philip Joseph (NY Rens) 
Joseph also stepped up with the departure of Anthony. The most impressive aspect of his game is his improved accuracy on his outside shot. He nailed 4 treys on his way to 22 points on his first game out versus the NJ Shore Shots. This former post player has now become very accustomed to the wing.
Dontae Scott (Philly Triple Threat) 
Scott didn’t have his usual dominant weekend but he did wake up against Team RIO in the semi-finals. The lanky forward was in attack mode and was also able to launch some early treys that gave PTT an early cushion. He still remains one of the most intriguing prospects in the region.
Dyondre Dominquez (Team BOS) 
 Dominquez used his versatility to have a productive weekend. He showed his range during the game against Metro Celtics by nailing 3 treys on his to 25 points. He then came back an outstanding individual performance in their loss to Philly Triple Threat where he lived at the line and finished with 23 markers. He has proven to get busy regardless of the competition.

Jamil Riggins (Philly Triple Threat) 
Riggins still battling an injury still managed to get busy against Metro Celtics where he dropped 14 points. Hopefully we get to see him at full strength because when he’s on he can be a crowd pleaser. The southpaw has enormous potential and plays the game with a serious motor.
Jordan McCoy (Team RIO National) 
 Speaking of injuries McCoy looked to be full strength during the championship game. Jordan played lockdown defense on the wing and also added some scoring with 14 points. He’s the glue player of the squad because he can guard multiple positions and contribute various ways on the offensive end.