Sunday, May 20, 2012

John Lucas Camp Rankings By Position (Comment Section Now Open)

The John Lucas Camp was packed with talent as we previously reported. Now Basketball Spotlight will break down the Top 5 players from each position. It was 100 players participating in this camp so we probably overlooked a few good ball players. Please feel free to leave comments at the end of this article.

John Lucas Camp Rankings

Top Big Forwards
1. Deron Davis 6’9 (Denver, CO)
2. Khalea Turner 6’8 (Marrero, LA)
3. Rodney Miller Jr. 6’9 (Queens, NY)
4. Derrick Daniels 6’7 (Dayton, OH)
5. Nnamdi Collins 6’8 (Baton Rouge, LA)

Top Wing Forwards
1. Benjamin Coupet Jr. 6’6 (Chicago, IL)
2. Mario Kegler 6’6 (Jackson, MS)
3. Kameron McGriff 6’4 (Grand Praire, TX)
4. Mark Vital 6’3 (Lafayette, LA)
5. Gilbert Thomas 6’5 (Houston, TX)

Top Wing Guards
1. Josh Langsford 6’4 (Huntsville, AL)
2. Jason Tatum 6’5 (St. Louis, MO)
3. Adrian Moore 6’3 (Conway, AR)
4. James Walker 6’3 (Riverside, CA)
5. Quentin Gooding 6’2 (Campbellsville, KY)

Top Combo Guard
1. Nyrhique Smith 6’2 (Asbury Park, NJ)
2. Christian Ellis 6’2 (Tracy, CA)
3. De’Aaron Fox 6’1 (Katy, TX)
4. Jaylen Fisher 5’10 (Millington, TN)
5. Ryan Murphy 6’1 (Calabasas, CA)

Top Point Guards
1. Asante’ Gist 5’9 (West Orange, NJ)
2. Loren Jackson 5’4 (Bradenton, FL)
3. Jashaun Agosto 5’5 (Federal Way, WA)
4. Roderick Caldwell 5’9 (Dayton, OH)
5. Jervae Robinson 5’8 (Aurora, CO)

Top (7) 7th Graders
1. DJ Harvey 6’4 (Huntsville, AL)
2. Jarred Vanderbilt 6’3 (Missouri City, TX)
3. Chris Giles 6’2 (Dallas, TX)
4. Billy Preston 6’4 (Irvine, CA)
5. Ricky Nelson 5’7 (Houston, TX)
6. Devin Newton 5’9 (Los Angeles, CA)
7. Jaylin Fleming 5’6 (Chicago, IL)



G.Allen said...

You missed on the PG's. The kid from Oregon was the best PG in the camp. He made his whole team better. The only true PG. I think his last name was Pritchard, I heard the USA guys talking about him. I wish my son would have been on his team.

PearlM said...

On the PG's liked Asante Gist and Loren Jackson. The other pass first high IQ players were Eric Monroe, Payton Pritchard and Mathew Coleman. None of these players over-dribble or call their own number too much.

moe said...

These rankings not accurate how can you leave the kid from florida off here he ate Adrian overrated Moore up .He is a much better wing and prospect than Moore.

Coach Kyle said...

IM Mark Vital's aau coach there is a mistake Mark is from Lake Charles, LA not Lafayette, LA

kadillak said...

There's a kid from shreveport,la kajuan Johnson who plays pg .who got overlooked cause he passed to much would love for him to play for me

Midwest hoops said...

Mike, you definitely overlooked Algevon Eichelberger and Mongo Cornett. They were two of the most dominate power forwards at the camp. They played very well. You didnt watch them during game play.

Kimbo said...

Moe thanks for the's negative comments like yours that makes players like Adrian Moore better...remember Haters = Motivators...thanks again.

br225 said...

There is a kid named Jordan Adebutu in baton rouge , la plays for scotlandville magnet high. Only a freshmen but is the real deal. Needs to be ranked asap

Will Hill said...

Freddy Reeves Jr. Out of the twin citys I seen him and Javae Robinson play no comparison and Freddys a year younger. Got skills beyond his years at the point pos. Also look out for 5th grader Khristofer Hill he's 5'11"with mad work ethic and dexerity check out his vid on Youtube "the makings of a machine"

Vito Palantino said...

You Left.OutThe Pure Shooters. Elliott Grays From Madison Wisconsin Could Flat Out Shoot The Basketball! Size Is Not Everything, Skill, Fundamentals & Technique Are Important.