Thursday, May 24, 2012

Basketball Spotlight MDC 11U Preview: Is It Playtime?

Playtime Will Be Ready To Rock!  

The Basketball Spotlight MDC 11U Division has been a pleasant surprise this year. #1 ECE-NJABC will not be in the building so we are looking to see who will be ready to step up. Here’s a look at the squads that will be in Lakewood. 

Basketball Spotlight MDC 11U Preview 

Playtime: PP has a few state crowns under their belt now they will be looking to win their second Spotlight banner. They have a thick field but they are definitely battle tested. 

Team Nelson: TN is hungry for a crown after pushing #1 ECE-NJABC to double overtime during the Mid Atlantic finals. They have enough weapons to make it to Hoop Group Headquarters on Sunday. 

Potomac Valley Select: I hear this is a super squad coming up from the Potomac Valley. Now they will be trying to represent to the fullest. It will be interesting to see how they mesh in this atmosphere. 

New Heights: They got it together in AC by making it to the finals. Now they will try to win it all at the MDC. If they keep their momentum going they should be good to go. 

CJ Hawks: The Hawks have been hovering around the championship round all season. Now might be the time for them to make the break through. 

Beyond The Lines: This Lakewood based crew will have the home court advantage and will need it as they make their Spotlight debut. Welcome to the big stage I hope you are ready to rumble. 

Team Rebels: TR hasn’t found their stride thus far this season but this might be their time to shine. The talent is there and now they just have to put everything together. 

Other Teams To Watch: NY Panthers, Pleasantville PAL, M Plex Mustangs, KSK and others.