Thursday, May 31, 2012

Basketball Spotlight MDC 11U Top Performers (By "Squirrel The World")

Justice "Just-Ice Ellison (PV Select)  

The 11U Division also had some ball players that shined under the Spotlight. Here’s a look at the 5th Graders that caught our eye. 

Basketball Spotlight MDC 11U Top Performers 

Justice Ellison Guard (PV Select) - Slick ball handle with a killa crossover like Allen Iverson at the age of 11. This kid can dribble a basketball threw NY traffic with the president in town. But he’s not just all ball handle, his heads up approach allows him 2c the floor and get everyone involved. Back off he has a nice set up jumper as a healthy appetizer ….
Jaheim Tanskley Guard (Playtime)- Long range sharp shooter, with a knack for getting into the lane. Posses the ball handle to allow this wing scorer to get straight to the hoop. Once his body develops and follows what his mind is thinking this kid is a walking 20ppg easy. 

John Wilson Guard (Playtime)- This kid’s basketball feel is that of someone twice his age. He already possesses the concept of pass 1st/ shoot 2nd as a very young player. But that doesn’t mean the BK native doesn’t know how to break you down and finish when his number is called in a 1-4 situations. 
Mark Bradshaw Guard (Team Nelson)- This dynamic combo guard can do it all on the court. With speed and athleticism that is almost unmatched on this level, his motor has him running in 3rd gear while others are stalling in 1st. So weather its long range bombs, or swift moves to the basket Mr. Bradshaw can flat out fill it up. 

Cole Matthiesen Forward (PV Select)- The big man commands the middle of the paint like a young Ramon Ramos. He keeps the ball high as he finishes over smaller opponents. Relentless on the boards, when this baby Moses Malone body feels out it’s going to be a problem. 

Zion Bethea Forward (KSK)- Big “Z” and I’m not talking the retired center from the CAVS. I’m talking “Z” from KSK. This kid can flat out due it’s all, whether it’s taking his man off the dribble, posting up smaller and bigger defenders, or being a playmaker there is nothing beyond his scope on the court. He’s a polished scorer right now and did I mention he’s ten years old. 

Matt Ganter (Jersey Force)- Matt played one of the best floor games I saw this weekend. Tremendous jump shot and court awareness, I’ve seen high school seniors not be able to set their man up like this kid. His range is when the coaches van pulls up to the school’s gym. Matt “baby face” Ganter, get the name right.…… 

Daequan “Dea Dea”  Mullins Guard (MSU)-Tough as nails, this 94ft defender was the Ballboy for Plainfield High’s back 2 back state championship teams ….  Real team guy …. In the mode of Duke’s  WoJo…. AND WILL “SLAP THE FLOOR” JUST LIKE HIM WHEN HIS TEAM NEEDS A STOP ….. A coach’s pleasure and just what every team needs. 

Kamille  Pryor Guard (MSU)- Flashy with the ball this Edison product you may remember, played with the ”Natural Ballers “ last yr. now playing for MSU he is asked upon to deliver in the clutch and that’s exactly what he does. Just really learning “his game” once this baby baller “get’s it” ….. UNION COUNTY WATCH OUT!