Thursday, May 10, 2012

J.E.M. All Star Classic Selections To Begin Soon!

J.E.M. All Star Classic (Class Of 2015)

The 3rd Annual J.E.M. ALL STAR CLASSIC featuring the top 8th Graders (Class 2016) on the East Coast will take place August 18th. Basketball Spotlight will select the Top 24 players to do battle in an all star setting. This event has become the premier game for the top players before entering high school. Don't miss the action. We are currently gathering more sponsors for this year ending celebration. If you are interested in becoming at sponsor for this event please feel free to contact Mike Melton at All proceeds will be used for the event or in a scholarship fund we are developing.

August 18, 2012 

• NJ North Stars vs. NJ South Stars
• Regional North All Stars vs. Regional South All Stars

2010-2011 Game (Class of 2015)
2009-2010 Game (Class of 2014)