Monday, May 14, 2012

Basketball Spotlight 12U Top 10 Presented AGame Team Apparel

The 12U rankings had some teams that switched spots. But as the Grand Finale approaches things should get interesting. Remember these rankings are only our opinion and should be taken as such.

Basketball Spotlight 12U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

1. Team IZOD: The Fly Guys have been in chill mode lately but will have to snap out of it soon as they make their way to New Orleans over the Memorial Day Weekend. They are a lock for the #1 seed at the Grand Finale.

2. DC Assault: DCA won the King James Classic and have moved up to #2. What’s interesting is a MDC appearance would likely lock them for the Grand Finale and a chance at the ultimate banner. But that’s unlikely so the next time we will probably see them is in Hampton at the AAU Nationals.

3. King Street Kings: KSK fell in the Elite 8 at the King James Classic. They are one of the favorites for the MDC which should give them a good seed at the Grand Finale.

4. Riverside Hawks: The Hawks have showed some life and hopefully they will take that momentum into the MDC. They will need to win it all to have a chance to repeat as Grand Champions.

5. Playtime Panthers: This scrappy bunch will need to play tough at the MDC to secure a spot. They have played a serious schedule so they should be up for the task.

6. Wall 2 Wall: This is one of the hottest teams on the circuit. After winning the AC Showcase Blue Division crown they ran through the Mid Atlantic Regionals. Now their real test will come during the MDC when they enter the Orange Division.

7. Mass Shooting Stars: MSS is one of the hottest teams in New England region. They had good showings at the Spotlight events.

8. New Rens: NR returns to the Spotlight and a championship win or appearance might help them make it to the Grand Finale. So at the end of May we expect to play with a sense of urgency.

9. ECE: ECE has a shot at the Grand Finale but will have to perform well at the MDC. They have the talent to get it done.

10. RIP City: RIP City lost to Wall 2 Wall in the Mid Atlantic finals. They will have to represent well at the MDC