Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry #37

Tyus At 1st Grade Graduation

What up basketball world,

I’m back with entry Monday, I had another Hoop Heaven game. We needed a win because we've already lost a few before my brother and I joined the team. We started out blowing the team out so I decided I should get a few of the other kids more involved in the game, but I guess I was doing it a little too much because the team started making a little come back and brought it back down to only 5 points. When there was 10 minutes left in the game I picked up the scoring again and we ended up winning the game by only 10-15 points. We should have won by a lot more but we had a lot of turnovers and the other team was getting a lot of easy layups and jump shots.

Wednesday, I went to US Hoops for 2 hours. While there I worked on my ball handling and jump shot. Coach Rich said I needed to work on my shoot out and cross out because I am not low enough. He said a better defender will be able to notice when I am about to shoot out and it will make my shoot out a half a second fast, which is critical in basketball. After I had another workout with Cobi, so I took this time to work on the things Coach Rich told me to change on my shoot out. When we were done Cobi decided to lift with my dad and I.

Thursday, I had a workout with Julian. This week we focused on my upper body and I was surprised how much we got done in an hour. We did exercises with free weights and a few exercises with machines. That hardest exercise for me to do was the pull ups especially when I need to go all the way down with them, because my arms are longer than most people. I was only able to do eight on each set which isn’t horrible because my arms were already tired from the last exercise we did, but I still think I should be doing much more. So I’m definitely going to be working on that.

Friday my dad went to Las Vegas for work, so that meant that I was spending the weekend with my mom, but before my mom picked us up we went to US Hoops for an hour. I didn’t really get to work on a lot because I got there late but I did work on moves to the basket and played a few games of one on one.

Saturday I went to US Hoops again but this time Roman had me running A LOT. I haven’t run that much in a while, and was tired after. He made us run after every workout and then after we played one on one. Even though I was really tired it was still a great workout.

This is Tyus Battle signing out,