Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Basketball Spotlight MDC 12U Top Performers Part 2 (By "Squirrel The World")

Zegary Scott (Playtime Panthers)  

The Basketball Spotlight 12U Division was loaded with top ball players and squad. Here’s our first report of the top performers provided by our new evaluator “Squirrel The World”. 

MDC 12U Top Performers Part 2 

Zegary Scott Guard (Playtime)- Very polished floor general creates for teammates and makes the game easy for his coach. Always vocal on the floor he exhibits a maturity that a coach will find refreshing. Has a “team first” mentality that will foster a winning environment for whatever program he plays for.
Jack Rooney Guard (Playtime)- The Jack OF Spades is no joker. Leave him open and the joke will be on you. This kid reminds me of a young Rex Chapman with his quick release and ball handling to complement. Excellent floor spacer with the understanding of how to move without the ball. 

Reggie James Guard (T 1 Ballers)- Dynamic scorer, with elite savvy to draw contact and finish. Already knows the value in understanding one dribble pull up jump shots in traffic. He’s a natural slasher who can put up buckets in a hurry and has a motor like a Chevy.
Jared Maharaj Guard (Riverside Hawks)- Excellent jump shot with outstanding movement off the ball. Jared posses a Reggie Miller type feel for flaring into corners to get his shot off teammates dribble penetration as well as the ability to ball fake running defenders and get to the cup. 

Moses Brown Forward (Riverside Hawks)- Long, rangy, defender and rebounder has great hands with fundamentally sound post moves that will remind you of a young Tim Duncan. Once his body develops and he reaches his true height he will remind people of the throw back centers from yester year.
Jalen Lecque Guard (Playtime)- With a hesitation dribble that resembles Deronn Williams, Jalen freezes his opponents and blows by them b4 they get into their defensive stance. Don’t think for one minute that this kid is all ball handle because he exhibits a nice jump shot that will consistently force the defense to play him honest. 

Jahan Dotson Guard (Wall 2 Wall)- This kid can simply flat out put the ball in the hole. Excellent penetrator, this electrifying combo guard with a lighting quick cross over, has a knack for scoring over size in the lane. Once his jump shot matches his driving ability this kid is a walking 30ppg …