Monday, May 21, 2012

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry # 39

What's up basketball world? I am here again to tell you how my week went. Monday morning I was late to school, just a few minutes but like my dad, I really hate to walk in late for anything. Over all school went very well, nothing really to report, just another day in May at Holy Savior Academy. After school my dad picked me and my brother up at 2:PM and then we all went to Mr. Subs for sandwiches. Monday night, my brother and I went to Plainfield HS for training with Mr. Rich at US Hoops. We did skill work for 1 hour plus and I worked on dunking while Coach Rich gave his attention to the other kids. I seem to be getting more athletic everyday! 

Tuesday was my first day with my new AAU team NJ Roadrunners. My dad moved me to the Roadrunners from Final because number 1 Sandy and Tommy are really great trainers and coaches but also because my dad could not get me to workouts in Philadelphia and or Delaware with the 15U team, since we live in central NJ. I am playing with the 16U Roadrunners and I cannot wait for my first tournament. First practice went well and did pretty well I believe. I like the team and the coaches and the ride is a lot shorter for us only 20 minutes one way in the car. This makes things easier on my family and allows me to get things done including homework. I miss Team Final though. Oh well, the one thing you can count in life is change. "My dad always reminds me to stay adaptable and humble, you keep a job that way" 

Wednesday we had a game at Hoop Heaven in Bridgewater. It really is just a fun league for me to try new things but for my brother it is chance for him to get better and show that he has some skills of his own. I know he gets tired of hearing how good and or how tall his older brother is. I must tell you guys to look out for my brother in a few years because he is going to be very good. He is a better shooter than me when I was his age and he has a scorer’s mentality. He is a 5th grader and is not scared of anyone; look out for Khalif Battle in the class of 2019. The Hoop Heaven game went very well. We won by 20 and all the kids contributed. Khalif and I lead all scorers with 22 points each and he talked about it all the way home in the car. I missed a dunk in traffic and my dad was so happy I attempted it. The little things that make parents happy. LOL 

Thursday we had practice again with the Roadrunners, I played very well. My dad even said I looked dominate at times and my dad is a hard guy to please. My goal is to be very aggressive on both ends and become the best defender at the guard spot in NJ next year. I have a long way to go for sure but I am getting better. Offensively, I am getting better also and 99% of the time it is fun to be in the gym. After working out with the Roadrunners, dad and I dropped off my brother at home and went to the Club at Woodbridge to lift weights while also working in skills and drills. Cobie Silverstein showed up to work out and we put some good work in together. He even convinced me to lift weights again for 30 additional minutes after we finished the skill work. I was really tired when I got home and went to bed without a shower and my contact lenses still in. 

Friday, I worked out with my strength trainer Julian and we did full body for one hour and afterwards I found a guy who I cannot remember his name to do skill work. I know the guy knows my dad and he is in college, so it was cool. We worked for an hour on shooting off the catch and off the dribble before my dad came in and threw in the towel. My dad rushed me out because he had a date with my step-mom, otherwise he would have never stopped my workout. LOL! It is late on Sunday and the Clippers are losing again. My Lakers are down 3-1 and the Heat are tied 2-2 with Indiana. Basketball is life! 

This Tyus Battle signing off.