Sunday, April 25, 2010

Providence Jam Fest: 14U Top Performers Day 2

Doudmy Saint-Hilaire (New Heights)

On Day 2 of the Providence Jam Fest we got a chance to watch some of the playoff action. Here’s a breakdown of the top 14U performers that did damage in Rhode Island.

14U Top Performers Day 2

Doudmy Saint-Hilaire Guard (New Heights)- Saint-Hilaire has made the full transition to the guard spot. Right now he’s a powerful combo that scores the rock on drives but also has developed decent jumper. His ball handling has also improved but needs a little more work. Keep an eye on him in the high school ranks.

Devyn Wilson Guard (New Heights)- I like this kids size and ability to make plays. The southpaw puts tremendous pressure on the defense with dribble drives. His outside shot wasn’t falling but I do like his form and release. He should be exciting to watch in years to come.

Tyrone Johnson Guard (New Heights)- Johnson is also very quick with the rock but I think he takes too many chances which leads to turnovers. He has good court vision and play making skills. He gets into a little trouble by trying to make the spectacular play. But he will adjust soon.

Alex Wolf Forward (New Heights)- Wolf is a new addition to NH and made an immediate impact. The forward is polished and scores mostly with face up moves. His range is from the foul line in and I really like his touch. He also shows good strength hammering the glass for caroms.

Yhanni Bartley Forward (Westchester Hawks)- Bartley is a Mike Beasley type of this level. He scores well in transition and does a lot of damage in the paint. On the next level he will need to develop his perimeter skills because he seems to have peaked in terms of growing. I like his nose for the ball and athleticism.

Ramon Searight Guard (Westchester Hawks)- Searight is combo guard that just knows how to score. During their game against CBC he got into the lane and kissed several shots off the glass. He also has a nice mid range shot.

Justin McClendon Guard (CT Elite Blazers)- McClendon is a serious point guard that kept defenders at bay with swift dribble moves and cleaver passes. When his squad went into a scoring drought he found the hole on several occasions.

Jared Wilson-Frame Guard (CBC)- Wilson-Frame once again starred on the stage. He gave Westchester Hawks the business by scoring every way possible. He carried defenders to the tin and even gave them a taste of his mid range game. He game and frame points to a high major prospect.