Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Inside The AC Showcase 10U: Baby Ballers Rock!

Riverside Hawks Took Home Their First Spotlight Crown!

This was our first event with the 10 and Under Division this season and I must say it was a treat. The young ballers really went at it buzzer to buzzer. Riverside Hawks pulled out the championship and seem to be headed for a great summer. Here’s the AC Showcase 10U All Tournament Team:

AC Showcase 10U All Tournament Team

Cameron Wynter (Riverside Hawks)
Lucas Warhatig (Riverside Hawks)
Zedrek Farrell (Riverside Hawks)
Dejuan Ellis (Maryland Spartans)
Preston Bacon (Maryland Spartans)
Terrence Gibbons (Maryland Spartans)
Jalen Brooks (Playtime Panthers)
Justin Kea (Playtime Panthers)
Chauncey Sterling (Team NJ ABC)
Erza Jones (Team NJ ABC)

Judah McIntyre (Fastbreak)
Jayson Robinson (Fastbreak)
Kenneth Jones (Natural Ballers)
Justin Rodriquez (Natural Ballers)
Traghan White (CBC)
JaQuan Williams (CBC)

Stay Tune For Another Article featuring other Baby Ballers from this event.