Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One On One Feat. Anthony Dockery (Ohio Prep Hoyas)

At first glance some analyst might think Anthony Dockery is too short to play in the post. But after watching him play they will quickly change their mind and marvel at this kid’s skills on the blocks. During the Best Of The Best Showcase Dockery used his quickness to get several buckets on the blocks and hit the like he was on a mission. We got a chance to holler at Dockery after one of his games in Ohio. Here’s our One on One.

One On One

BS: What school do you attend?
AD: Hamilton County Math and Science Academy.

BS: Who’s your favorite player?
AD: I like Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony both players are great.

BS: What’s the strongest part of your game?
AD: Playing in the post.

BS: What part of your game needs the most improvement?
AD: I would have to say my jump shot and ball handling.

BS: Who’s your favorite rapper?
AD: LIL Wayne of course.

BS: What’s your dream college?
AD: Kentucky, they have a great program and tradition.

BS: If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would you select?
AD: Michael Jordan, I think he’s a great role model.