Monday, April 26, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Sonny Lorenzo (Westchester County) Entry #2

Hey Basketball Spotlight its Sonny Lorenzo again. I know you haven’t heard from me in a while but now I’m back on track and ready to roll. To refresh your memory about me I’m a 13 year old that plays up for the Westchester Hawks and I have a famous dad in Hip Hop. I have so many things to discuss with you guys today. Last week we played in the Metropolitan Regional tournament in Long Island. The tournament was for all the top teams in NY. In that tourney we played good, playing against former teammates Naim Thomas, Cheddi Mosley and Joe Mbisike now playing for Team Scan. In this game we were down by 20 points in the half. Than we started playing defensively and cut the lead down to 10 points, in the end we lost by 12 and we didn’t take that loss well.

We played the team Long Island Lighting and beat them and we also played Juice All Stars in the final four and met up with another former teammate Isaiah Whitehead. In that game we didn’t really play our best and Juice came out with a 25 point lead in the half. And we had to play harder because there was a big size difference between us and Juice, the majority of their points came from the paint. That loss was devastating!

This weekend we played in the Providence Jam fest. The first day of this tournament we did decent. Our first game we played the CT Knights and won that game by 40 point I had 14 points in the win. In the second game we played the Rhode Island Breakers and we won by 20 points, I didn’t play that well in this game and I had like 9 points. And in the last game on Saturday we played a team from New York. I forgot the name of the team but this team was good they had a bunch of players who could handle the rock and shoot the ball. In this game we were down by 6 in the half but then we picked up our style of play and started getting steals. Then we cut the lead down 2 points. Then we eventually started taking the lead and at the end of the 3rd we were up by 5. And in the end we won by 15 points. In that game I had 8 points. Then we met up with CBC in the Final Four. In this game it was tough for me in terms of defense. Because of the simple fact that I’m 13 and playing up. All they basically did was post me up because I’m an undersized combo guard. But I got through it and started to use my skills on shuting the opponent down and I knew that I had to get low and big and eventually I shut him down. At the end of the half they were up by about 10. Then once again we cut the lead down to 2. But in the end we lost by 4 points. That lose was another devastating one because we could have had that game if we didn’t turn it over so much and if we made our lay ups. In that game I had 6 points but a lot of assists. Next week we are in the Baltimore Elite tourney. That was basically my weekend and what I did in the previous weekends. Young I.G. out.