Saturday, April 17, 2010

AGame Super Shootout Day 1: 14U Top Performers

Tavon White (Team Rebels)

AGame Super Shootout kicked off today and Basketball Spotlight was in the building. Here’s a breakdown of the 14U Top Performers.

14U Top Performers Day 1

Tavon White Guard (Team Rebels)- This kid is an offensive machine. He strong, powerful and moves very gracefully through the defense. In transition he beat the defense down the floor and scored with ease. On defense he does need to work a little harder especially moving his feet. Overall he has to be the top 7th Grader in the state of Delaware hands down.

Seiquann Kearney Guard (Team Rebels)- Kearney is another 13U player playing up. He saved his heroics for the end of the game. He scored the game winning basket for them to knock off the NJ Panthers.

Zach Heeman Forward (NJ Panthers)- I haven’t seen Heeman in a few years but he has grown as expected. The big lefty gave Team Rebels all they could handle on the blocks. His soft touch and ability to get position helped him go a long way.

Jessie Warech Guard (NJ Panthers)- This kid can flat out shoot the pill. Once he set his feet today it was money in the bank. He moved well within the offense and was strong enough to get his shot off around defenders.

Marquise Rowe Guard (Future Players)- This kid had to be one of the top floor generals in the building. He had the floater working and got to the tin at will. When things got kind of tight late in the game he turned on another gear. This explosive guard was impressive.

Quadree Smith Forward (Future Players)- Smith was a man child on the blocks. He scored around the cup and snatched a few boards. He has an Oliver Miller type build so his conditioning will be important in the future. I like how he sealed defenders on the blocks.

Leroy Butts Forward (Future Players)- He didn’t have his best outing but this youngster shows flashes of brilliance. He stretches out for easy layups and also can dribble around post defenders. FP has a special talent in Butts.