Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Melton's Mailbag 7/23

As you know through our polls we at Basketball Spotlight like to have the fan input. We decided to take it to another level. We have developed the Melton’s Mailbag. The Melton Mailbag will contain 4 questions from you the fans that we will post and answer on our page. We will pick the four questions we feel are the best for that week.

George From Baltimore, MD:
Mike I heard the Boo Williams Sportsplex is excellent how does it compare to other facilities you have visited?

MM: George, the Boo Williams Center is very impressive it has 8 official full courts, concession stand and state of the art equipment. I also like the fact that they have real bleachers for every court unlike many multi-court facilities.

Eddie From Newark, NJ:
Mike now that you saw all the Top 12U teams in the country what do you think the NJ teams have to do to compete better at the Nationals?

MM: Eddie, I think it would be a great idea if New Jersey could put together a super team to compete at the nationals. Take the Memphis War Eagles for example they have good teams on every age level and it seems like they are the only team in these events from Memphis. So they widened their talent pool and put together ultimate squads.

Rob From NJ:
Mike I saw that the Gauchos knocked off the Delaware Hawks in the Final 8 but the Hawks finished ranked higher how is that?

MM: Rob, I don’t agree with the way AAU does their final rankings. I feel that if teams advance to Final 16 they should be the 16 ranked teams and so on. But, I understand why they do it. Their concept is put in place to make the consolation and classic bracket games meaningful. This keeps the games interesting and keep teams coming back.

Chad From Pennsylvania:
Mike, who do you think will win the 11U Nationals?

MM: Chad, there are some tremendous teams down in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Well DC Blue Devils are the defending champs and ARC has probably the top player in Tyler Dorsey. I also saw that J Smoove has entered the field and apparently has suited up Kejuan Johnson. I think the field is wide open.

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