Monday, July 14, 2008

12U AAU Nationals Recap Day 3: Top Performers

Parker P-Funk Cartwright Was Outstanding on Day 3

Day 3 pitted the #1 seeds against the #2 seeds so I got a chance to see some of the top players getting it on versus serious competition. During my walk around I stopped in on several games. Here’s a breakdown of the players that impressed us today.

Day 3 Top Performers

Parker Cartwright Guard (ARC Gorillas)-P-Funk was in full effect as Cartwright put on a stellar performance at the point. He controlled the tempo and continuously got past defenders to get anywhere he wanted on the floor. He scored at will and threw a few lazar passes that had the crowd roaring. Defensively he locked down the Memphis point guard even stripping him clean then converting uncontested lay ups.

Marsalis Johnson Forward (ARC Gorillas)- Johnson showed me some different parts of his game. I like the way he spun to his weak hand and used his left to convert with the baby hook. His footwork is very advanced for this level of basketball. On the boards his length makes it very difficult for opponents to get rebounds. He can totally dominate a basketball game.

Justin Jenifer Guard (DC Blue Devils)- I got a chance to check out Justin’s game and the confident ball handler looked real good on his jump shot. He had the range and the accuracy. What I also saw was that when Jenifer attacked off the dribble he used several quick dribble moves that received noise from the crowd but in most cases the defenders were athletic and quick enough to retrieve in time.

Dorrian Holland Forward (Arkansas Mustangs)- Holland is a versatile forward that has the athleticism to get to the cup and score. Once he gets past the exterior defense the interior post players didn’t have a chance. Dorrian knows how to maneuver his shot in mid air to avoid blocks.

Jahil Okafor-Benson Forward (Arkansas Mustangs)- The inside force for the Mustangs and a soft shot around the bucket and works hard on the glass. He benefits from having several guards that enjoy passing the rock rather than shooting. He’s a wide body with game.

Anton Beard Guard (Arkansas Mustangs)- Playing the 3 give Beard the chance to post up defenders and roam the passing lanes on defense. His offense wasn’t flowing at first but he got going after snatching several steals and converting them into buckets. Once he got flowing it was curtains for their opponents.

Frederick Lee Guard (Arkansas Mustangs)- Lee is a crowd favorite because he makes several plays despite his size. He’s cat quick on defense and shots with deep range from the perimeter. He was one of the pesky guards that rattled the opposition.

Cornell Johnson Guard (Arkansas Mustangs)- Johnson is one of the top point guards at this event. His court vision is outstanding as he delivers no-look passes like pizza. The slick lefty will also launch a high arching trey to keep the defenders honest. He was worth the price of admissions.

Eltonio Becton Guard (Memphis War Eagles)- Becton has a lot of speed, power and skills in his game. He attacks off the crossover dribble and usually drives full speed ahead. He does have some quick change of directions but could seem out of control at times. I like his future.

James Prather Forward (Memphis War Eagles)- Prather is a Bill Laimbeer type as he likes crowding the lane and shooting the short face up jumper. He will battle big post players for the rock and plays very hard throughout the contest.