Saturday, July 12, 2008

Diary Of A Baller: Kyle Anderson Entry #23

What's up everyone out there? I'm Kyle Anderson of the Playaz Basketball Club here to share how my week went. This week was OK I guess, not really anything spectacular happened. There was no tournament so I didn't win any Chips, so I guess you can call it OK. This weeks entry is late because I had Eastern Invitational Elite Camp until Tuesday so I'm just writing it now (Wednesday). Let me get started.

Monday, of last week I had nothing all day so I stayed at home because it rained, BORING DAY! Tuesday, I worked out with Kent Culuko on my shooting. Great workout. Wednesday was another day all to my self except this time it didn't rain, so, I got to hang out with everybody in my neighborhood, but at nighttime I went up to the park and made sure I got my shots in. The next day I woke up early in the morning to go workout at St. Peters College in Jersey City, NJ. After the workout was lifting, I just started and I'm hoping to be consistent with it to get stronger. I really need too. After the workout I went home and slept all day ;-). The last day before Eastern Elite Camp ( Friday ) I played ball with my brother in the morning than sat around all day until night time. Then, Friday night I went to the movies to hang out with everybody again. The night was fun and everything and the next day I left for Eastern.

When I got there we checked in and everything and went straight to games. My first game didn't go so well, but the second game I caught two dunks in A row, LOL. I was in the 9th and 10th grade league (NCAA), but Lebrent Walker and I got moved up to the NBA East league, the cream of the crop league. I had A great team in camp. We weren't the best, but we had some good players. I played really well in a lot of the games. I drew a lot of crowds and a lot of attention with my passes. Hopefully people were impressed. My man Lebrent played well in the East too. We both held down for 2012. When it was all said and done,I made it to the underclassman All-Star game and was the only 9th grader. Oh man, IT WAS MY WORST ALL-STAR GAME EVER!!!! Oh god I played terrrriiiiblleeeee! But it happens. During the week I had taken a bad fall again and hurt my hip and by the All Star game it was killing me. I still kept A smile on my face and was happy just to be there. After the game, I couldn't wait to get home and once again sleep in my own bed! Well that last day ended my week.

Next week AAU comes back and the Reebok Classic and Joe Brown Memorial Tournaments are this weekend. Also, next week I leave to go to Oakland Cali to play in the Youth Games and than on the 21st off to Vegas. We are going to play in the Adidas 64 and hopefully defend our Chip in the Nike Main Event (we like beating Nike Teams). I'll be back next week to share our results with everyone. Laterr!

Yung KA