Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Final Quarter Feat. Dashawn Suber

I first noticed Dashawn Suber as a 10 year old guard playing for Team Next. The then pint size guard used a slingshot type jumper to score buckets and had a slick little handle going to the basket. Over the years Suber has appeared on several squads but now has settled with Rich Soil formerly Team Next. I got a chance to holla at Dashawn as he and his teammates prepare to head to the 14 and Under Nationals. This is the Final Quarter!

BS: How has your AAU season been going so far?
DS: It’s been going good in the spring we went to Boo Williams, Charlie Weber and a tournament in Connecticut where I got MVP. Lately I’ve been in the gym working out with my dad and playing on Dean Street.

BS: What’s your most memorable moment of this season?
DS: Well I had a CYO game in Brooklyn and I went crazy for 57 points. That had to be my most memorable moment.

BS: Who’s the toughest opponent you faced so far and why?
DS: I would have to be Labrent Walker because he’s quick and very strong. He’s hard to play up on him because he has the power and quickness to go right pass you.

BS: Do you look forward to playing at the 14 and Under Nationals?
DS: Yes, because I feel I can help my team out a lot. I have improved on my game and I have a lot of experience playing at the nationals so many times when I was younger.

BS: What part of your game do you feel needs the most work?
DS: My intensity on defense because I need to work on moving my feet instead of reaching. Sometimes I can get a little lazy on defense.

BS: What are your plans for the rest of the summer?
DS: I’m going to the nationals then I will be attending the Generation Next Camp in Milwaukee, Mike Duncan’s Midwest Camp and finally the Five Star Camp in Philadelphia.

BS: What high school will you attend next year and why?
DS: Right now it’s between Mount Vernon and Rice. I attended Mount Vernon this year and I’m real cool with all the students so I feel comfortable there. At Rice Coach Hicks have known me since I was 6 and I really like their program.

BS: Who do you feel is the best point guard in NYC Class of 2012 and why?
DS: I feel that I’m the best I played against all the top guards in the country and I killed all of them. Right now I play on Dean Street with some of top guards and I average 32 points a game. I feel I’m the best!

0:00 Ball Game!