Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Diary Of A Baller: Kyle Anderson Entry #24

What's going on everyone? As you can see this is Kyle Anderson filling in on my weekly diary entry. This week, nothing was accomplished as far as championships go. This weekend was the Reebok Classic tournament. I don't want to spoil it now so let me get started. Last week I wrote the diary late because of Eastern Invitational camp and I already included what I did up to Tuesday.

This week I have to start with Wednesday. Wednesday and Thursday I got some rest. I only went up to the park at night time to shoot around. That's it. My body was EXHAUSTED! Friday came and we had our first game in the Reebok Classic against Juice All Stars 15U. Easy win by 20+. The next game was at 9 o'clock . A tuff one against Westchester Hawks 16U. They jumped out on us but we cut the lead to 6 with A couple minutes left. Before you knew it it was A 2 point game with 15 seconds left. I drove to the basket and missed A floater to put us to overtime. I was highly upset with my self :-( . But we shook it off. I stayed at Myles Davis house that night for A 10 o'clock game the next morning. We played some team named Expressions 16U. They were pretty good . I'm not even going to lie. They almost got us. LOL. But we beat 'em because all our guards knocked down free throws at the end. Next game was for the battle of NJ basically. Probably the two best 15U teams in the state. Team NJ Elite VS. Playaz Basketball Club, the SHOWDOWN! We jumped out on them with 2 3point field goals by Myles Mack , 1 by Myles Davis, and A 3 by me. Next thing you know it was 12-0. We kept that lead the whole game and came out on top with the W. A BIG WIN! Even though we didn't win the whole tournament, we went home at least happy.

The next day (Sunday) we had A 8 o'clock in the morning game in the Joe ' Unc ' Brown tourney at FDU. We played the Jayhawks. We cruised through that with an E-Z win. Our second game of the day was against the Brooklyn Ballers. Once again another E-Z victory for us. These were both 16U teams. The 3rd game of the day was going to be A tough one. We played the NYC Panthers 16U. The game was low scoring at first, but it opened up. We were down 18 points at one point until we tied it with 13 seconds left. We ran A designed play for me too throw it in the post and it got picked off for A layup down the other end. So I had the game-losing TO. SMH! But there are more games to come so, I'm not going to stress over just one of them. That was the end of my week. I just came back from that game. Next week I go to Oakland California for Youth games with the City of Paterson. I'll be back around to tell how it went. Peacee!

PS: To the Frankle Family and Mrs. Jeffery Ann please hold your heads up high. I'm really sorry about beautiful little Miss Cindy. Everything will be OK. Everyone, Ryan Frankle plays on my Long Island Lightning team and his little step sister, little Ms. Cindy is A beautiful little girl with Puffy red cheeks and she was in an ATV (motor vehicle) accident and I ask that everyone please pray for her she has been in A coma for the past four days. And your blessing will be highly appreciated. This has been A very tragic event. Thank you !