Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Diary Of A Baller: Judah McIntyre (New York, NY) Entry #4

Judah Dropping Dimes

Wassup World, 

Monday, was our first day back from break, most of my classes were very easy and relaxed. I had school basketball practice later that day and I also had a workout in my school gym after my practice. I worked A lot on improving my strength and endurance and I put up a lot of shots. Since I barely had any homework, I decided to go to sleep a little early. 

Tuesday, I thought about my first school home game all day. Since I had two study halls that day I was able to finish all my homework for that day. Since my game wasn't until 5:15 and school ended that day at 2:40, I decided to go put up some shots in and warm up in the gym. It was game time and I had a really good game, I had 27 points and 8 assists. My dad came to see me play and he was happy with my performance. When I went home I cooked my self some pasta and shrimp and studied for my history test. 

Wednesday, I had one my favorite classes which was African Drumming. That was the highlight of my day because we had a party in that class. I had RENS practice that night at Cardinal Hayes, it was suppose to be a scrimmage but later turned into a productive practice to get ready for Bballspotlight's Clash for the Cup. 

Thursday, I had an extremely easy day in school mainly because I had two subs in two of my classes. So, both classes were a study hall. I finished all my work for the day/night. I had a game that was in a place called Green Meadow. From the beginning of the game, the players on the other team pretended like they were good at basketball and tried to start talking trash to me and my team. But, we shut that down quickly by running them out of their own gym by 30. In the game, I ended up with 24 points and 9 assists. When I got back to school, I watched the Varsity boys smack some team by 50, it wasn't a very good game. 

Friday, I had a Spanish quiz that I was not ready for unfortunately but, I ended up still getting a B+ on it, which isn't great but at least decent. I had an early dismissal from school because of a game we had. We played Montclair Kimberley Academy, they were the best team we faced all year and we unfortunately took the loss. I was not happy with my performance and I can't wait to play them again to show who's the better team. That night, my dad, mom, my teammate and I drove down to Maryland. I slept for the whole ride and it really did not feel that long. 

Saturday, since our game wasn't to early I slept in a little. Once I woke up, we had a team breakfast and then we hung out until It was time for the game. Our first game was against Maryland's Finest. We ended up beating them by 20+. We played really well as a team and I thought I had a pretty good game on both sides of the floor. Our second game was against the eventual runner­ups, I­10 Celtics. We played a really great game against them, we were clicking on all cylinders. We ended up beating them by 18 and I had a good game in my opinion Especially on defense, I thought that I shut down my man for the game. I also scored pretty well finishing with 13 points. Later that night, we went to Applebee's and had dinner. After, some of my teammates and I went to watch some top teams play in another tournament that was happening in Maryland. Once we got back to the hotel we hung out and played 2k15 and then went to sleep. 

Sunday, we ended up having two games. Our first game was against a very rough and gritty team in Baltimore Elite. The refs were calling the game extremely tight and it was like the game would stop every possession because of the many calls that were made. We ended up pulling it off anyway. After that game we played D.C Premier. It was a really good game and it was close game for the whole game. Unfortunately, we didn't make good plays down the stretch to allow ourselves to win that game. We ended up losing by 2 points which is heartbreaking because of you make 2 free throws or a couple of lay­ups we win the game. Sadly, we went back to NY with nothing in our hands except experience. 

Until Next Week, 
Judah McIntyre 
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