Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Diary Of A Baller: Judah McIntrye (New York, NY) Entry #7

Judah At MLK Monument

Hello Basketball World, 

Monday, I woke up and started to appreciate MLK Jr. Because without him and other pioneers in the Civil Rights Movement, I would not be afforded the same opportunities that I have had today. During the day, I hung out with my little brothers Cole and Bryce. After, I went home to get ready for my trip to Washington DC. 

Tuesday, I left for my class trip to DC. It was a 4 hour drive which felt like 7. When we got there we went to the space museum, which was pretty cool and we got to see space shuttles and a variety of planes that were used at one point in our history. After, went to see a play called "Sheer Madness" it was really funny, surprisingly, and we had a fun time. 

Wednesday, we went to Arlington National Cemetery. Where, we remembered our lost soldiers and commemorated the deaths of the unknown soldiers. Afterwards, we went to the Luray Caverns, which was really cool. Then we went to see the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, and lastly we saw the internationally known and historic Lincoln Memorial. I've always seen it in movies and recognized it's significance but never saw it in person. I also got to stand on the exact spot where Martin Luther King made his famous, "I Have a Dream Speech", which created a better life for future African ­American children along with future other cultures. Which I am more than grateful for. 

Thursday, We went to George Washington's house (Mount Vernon) which was much cooler than I thought. Later that day we had a tour of the Capitol building and was able to meet and talk with multiple senators and representatives in government. But, the Capitol building has its own history in itself which I didn't know before. I got to listen in on some issues that congress are working out as we speak. It was really cool. 

Friday, it was the last day in DC unfortunately. In the morning before we left, we went to the Newseum, where we saw every major news story that's happened in America (I think) After, we went to the White House to take pictures. Then, it was back home. 

Saturday, was a really chill day, except for the fact that I wasn't home for the week so, I had many chores to do. Once, I finished that we went to church and went out to dinner.

Sunday, I went to see my future wife.. Skylar Diggins, again! I went to her basketball skills camp with my little bro. Cole, and my 2 twin sister. Cole and I were the only guys in the camp but we got some good work in and Skylar Diggins was talking to us for a lot of the camp. I also did some drills with her, and I realized she works extremely hard. It was a pretty good workout and Ilearned a lot about my eating habits as a athlete. After, I got ready for this major storm that's suppose to come. 

Peace, See Ya next Week! 
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