Monday, January 5, 2015

Diary Of A Baller: Judah McIntyre (New York, NY) Entry #4

Judah At The Barclay Center

Wassup Basketball World, Hope you all had a enjoyable, Happy New Year! 

Monday, I was still in Florida but it was my last day. I woke up and was extremely bored so I decided to do push­ups. I ended up doing over 200 push­ups. Afterwards, I went to a family friends house and got to see one my God Parents. Later that day, my dad and I went to the movies to see Unbroken. It was a poorly made movie in my opinion, but it had a great message about how giving up should never be an option. Since, I was leaving at 6:00 am the next morning I stayed up the whole night. 

Tuesday morning, I left Florida but I was very annoyed because I have not slept in about a day and I could not fall asleep on the plane. Once we landed, I realized that I was still dressed in Florida clothes when I should have been wearing a heavy coat and sweatpants.when I got home, I went right to sleep for about 7 hours. Once I woke up, I ate and had nothing to do so I watched re­runs of Wild’n Out. 

Wednesday, was my sister, Taylor’s birthday, she turned 17. It was an exciting day, because she got into her first college, which is very important. Since, she went to celebrate with her friends, I was home with nothing to do. I went into my garage and started doing dribbling drills with and without cones. Surprisingly, it was pretty helpful. I worked on dribbling in tight spaces which was working on keeping my handle tight and precise. Later that night, I went to New Year Eve service at church. 

Thursday, i really just hung out with my dad in Brooklyn. We went to the barber shop and went to eat some good Caribbean food. When I came home I played 2k and watched Martin. 

Friday, I just hung out with my friends and since I could not get in a gym, I worked on improving my body in my house, doing a lot of push ­ups, sit ­ups, and toe raises. 

Saturday, I had a All ­Star game in Funsport. The game was a low ­scoring game and a lot of defense was played. I played okay but not as well as I might have wanted to. On my way home, my dad picked up my 2 younger sisters and my mom and we went to the mall. I had some good Buffalo Wild Wings and did some shopping it was a pretty fun day. 

Sunday, I went to my 2 younger sister’s basketball game. They play for Riverside Hawks. It was fun to watch because they were down by 15 and fought back to lose by 2. I like watching their games but sometimes I get annoyed because I know they can do so much better. But they played okay. Once I came home we had a family dinner and that was really the end of my night. 

See ya next week, as I prepare for Bballspotlight’s Clash for the Cup. Peace!