Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale Point System Update

The Clash For The Cup was the second stop on the Basketball Spotlight Circuit and it took place this past weekend in District Heights, MD. We would like to congratulate the teams that accumulated points from the weekend. Our next stop will Winter Warz, February 7th and 8th in Neptune, NJ. The points below have been tallied up and remember the Grand Finale is scheduled for June 20th and 21st in District Heights, MD. The top 8 point getters will be in the building. 

8th Grade Teams 
New Heights (7 Points) 
Harlem Jets (7 Points) 
NY Rens (6 Points) 
DC Premier (5 Points) 
CTA/Turbo (5 Points) 
I 10 Celtics (4 Points) 
Hilltoppers Heat (3 Points) 
Play Hard (3 Points) 
Philly Triple Threat (2 Points) 
Slam City Elite (2 Points) 
B’More Finest (2 Points) 

7th Grade Teams 
Slam City Elite (10 Points) 
Team IZOD (4 Points) 
DC Premier (4 Points) 
PSA Cardinals (3 Points) 
023 Feet (3 Points) 
Gauchos (3 Points) 
Dream Chasers (3 Points) 
Metro Mavericks (3 Points) 

6th Grade Teams 
Slam City Elite (8 Points) 
New World (5 Points) 
Team IZOD (4 Points) 
B’More Finest (4 Points) 
Team Takeover (3 Points) 
Annadale Bulldogs (3 Points) 
S Elite (3 Points) 
Hilltoppers Heat (3 Points) 

5th Grade Teams 
Havoc City (10 Points) 
Banneker Kings (6 Points) 
Riverside Hawks (4 Points) 
Commission (4 Points)
NY Rens (3 Points)
Hilltoppers Heat (3 Points) 
National Select (3 Points) 
B’More Finest (2 Points) 
Playtime (2 Points) 

4th Grade Teams 
Made Signature (8 Points) 
Havoc City (7 Points) 
Riverside Hawks (5 Points) 
Team Takeover (4 Points) 
USA National Select (3 Points) 
Playtime (3 Points) 
NY Rens (2 Points) 
New Heights (2 Points)