Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Diary Of A Baller: Marquise Walker (Chicago, IL) Final Entry

Marquise Walker High School Debut

Hello this Marquise Walker and here’s my weekly diary! 

MONDAY - I woke up feeling good this morning at ate breakfast. We only had two days of school this week because of thanksgiving break and we have our last scrimmage tonight. School was easy, wasn't no homework since we only had two days, at the game we played a team with a kid who averaged 25.2 ppg last season. We held him down without a field goal and smashed them 85-58. I had 14 points and 6 assists all in the 2nd half. 

TUESDAY - I woke up and took my shower and ate waffles for breakfast. School again was easy today. After school we practiced for an hour and I went with my coach to scout our first regular season opponent, Glasgow. We watched them, they played hard and had a point guard with good defense but I think we can beat them if we play good. 

WEDNESDAY - Today I went with my dad and we went back to Chicago to visit family for the thanksgiving holiday. It was cold when we got back to Chicago, a lot colder than it is in Kentucky. It hasn't snowed in Kentucky yet and was snowing in Chicago the whole time. I hung out with my dad all day and we went to a local high school game, it was fun but our team and Kentucky can beat these guys. 

THURSDAY - I woke up on Thanksgiving and I thanked god because I have a lot to be thankful for. This morning I played my dad in 2k15, he beat with the Spurs. I had the Cavs. He's really good with the Spurs he has been playing with them for years. I went to my grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving and we played Monopoly with my cousins and my dad. My cousins are always challenging my dad to play Monopoly so he played and as usual bankrupted everybody and won. We had a lot of good food and we partied and didn't get home until late at night. It was fun because I got to see a lot of family and they wished me good luck in Kentucky. 

FRIDAY - Went back to Kentucky today because we have practice tomorrow. There was an accident on the interstate so traffic was backed up and we got back later than expected. That didn't matter though, when we got back I went to the gym and shot on the shooting machine, I made 350 shots, 200 inside the arc and 150 from "3". Our high school football team was playing this night as well, we were undefeated and ranked #1 but got upset 16-14 in the state final 4. They had a good year this was their only loss. 

SATURDAY - Being out of school I have been sleeping in, I didn't wake up until 11 today. We have practice / weights at 3:30 then practice 4:00-7:00. I went to the gym early to get a lot of shots up. I made 300 shots on the gun and did some ball handling drills. My favorite drill is one my dad showed me, the 4 cone drill. (I can't give all my secrets). Practice was good today, we had to run some to get back in shape from being off three days but I did well. 

SUNDAY - I woke up this morning and played some PS4 and ate breakfast before getting ready to go to practice at 2:30. Practice was cool today but intense as well. I think we are ready for our first game tomorrow and today was a lot of review of our game plan. We have back to back games Monday and Tuesday this week. After practice I came home and ate same Ramen noodles, played for PS4 and took my ice bath before bed.