Thursday, December 18, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 7th Grade Best Of The Best And Top 15 Player Performance Rankings

The 7th Grade Division of the Tip Off Classic featured some of the best players and teams in the region. Here’s our Best Of The Best from the 7th Grade Division at the Tip Off Classic. 

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 7th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Performer: Chris Robinson (Gauchos) 
As stated in my write up Robinson was the best guard I saw during the weekend. He blistered the defense from all three levels and did the damage at his own pace. His team lost in the final four against the eventual champions. 

Best Floor General: Tasheem Pickett (PSA Cardinals) 
Pickett once again guided PSA Cardinals to the final four. His job is to win and keep his teammates happy and he seems to do well at it. 

Best Prospect: Isaiah Todd (Slam City Elite) 
Todd has caught the eye of every opposing coach and scout in the building. When he’s playing and running the floor you can see the potential oozing from his veins. 

Best Scorer: Jordan Toles (Slam City Elite) 
Toles averaged close to 15 points over the weekend and none were bigger than the buckets he scored in their final four show down against the Gauchos. He virtually put the team on his back and got things done. 

Best Playmaker: Kareem May (Brooklyn Rens) 
This guard caught my eye as he made things happen for the Brooklyn Rens. He made the defense pick their poison on rather they were going to let him score or allow him to set up teammates. 

Best Fresh Face: Posh Alexander (PSA Cardinals) 
I don’t know where the Cardinals found this kid but he gave them instant offense. He broke through the defense like a running back and scored in various ways. 

Best Passer: AJ Hoggard (Slam City Elite) 
Few see the floor like the big guard from Pennsylvania. Once he gets to the second layer of the defense his teammates need to get ready to get fed. 

Best Defender: Demon Clowney (Team IZOD) 
Clowney plays defense old school style. He moves his feet well and loves crashing the boards for rebounds. 

Best Shooter: Austin Allison (Team IZOD) 
Austin stroked the rock well in his TI debut. He got into a comfort zone and wasn’t afraid to let it fly. 

Tip Off Classic Top 15 Player Performance Rankings 
1. Chris Robinson (Gauchos) 
2. Jordan Toles (Slam City Elite) 
3. Cameron Byers (Slam City Elite) 
4. Qaadir Maneri (Team IZOD) 
5. Posh Alexander (PSA Cardinals) 
6. Kareem May (Brooklyn Rens) 
7. DJ Bailey (Gauchos) 
8. Tasheem Pickett (PSA Cardinals) 
9. Isaiah Todd (Slam City Elite) 
10. Shane Dezonie (Team IZOD) 
11. RJ Davis (Gauchos) 
12. AJ Hoggard (Slam City Elite) 
13. Demon Clowney (Team IZOD) 
14. Tyler Brelsford (Slam City Elite) 
15. Austin Allison (Team IZOD)