Thursday, December 18, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 8th Grade Best Of The Best And Top 20 Player Performance Rankings

The 8th Grade Division of the Basketball Spotlight had a ton of talent and gave us a look at some fresh faces. Basketball Spotlight is always excited to bring you new players that are on the horizon. Here’s our 8th Grade Best Of The Best and Top 20 Player Performance Rankings. 

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 8th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Performer: Cole Anthony (NY Rens)
His team lost in the final four but few can argue anyone impacted the game more than Cole Anthony. On some stretches he looked totally unstoppable. I can see a big year for the NYC guard. 

Best Floor General: Elijah Wenn (Harlem Jets)
Wenn proved to be a good floor general because he guided his team to the title. Whether he was scoring or running the show he did whatever needed to get the job done. 

Best Prospect: Luis Reysono (Northeast Finest)
I’ve been around long enough to know a good prospect and Reysono seems to be on his way. His developing body and feel for the game indicates that he might have a high ceiling. Mark my words you will be hearing about this kid. 

Best Scorer: Papie Roberts (Newark Pharoah)
The determined guard from “The Bricks” went on a scoring barrage this weekend especially the 33 points he dropped on Team Phenom. The kid simply got buckets. 

Best Playmaker: Khalif Battle (New Heights)
Battle had all facets of his game on display. He scored the rock and threw some good passes over the weekend. He’s very fluid with the rock and the game comes natural to him. 

Best Fresh Face: Precious Achiman (New Heights)
Achiman is another good prospect for New Heights. I love his athleticism and the fact that he’s nowhere near a finished product. 

Best Passer: Judah McIntyre (NY Rens)
I kind of unfair because few will be able to win this award over McIntyre because he sees the floor so well. He actually lives to pass the rock to cutting teammates. 

Best Defender: Adeleye Oyekanium (Harlem Jets)
Adeleye ability to defend multiple positions helped the Harlem Jets get it done. He plays like a Ben Wallace type with a little more offense. 

Tip Off Classic Top 20 Player Performance Rankings 
1. Cole Anthony (NY Rens) 
2. Elijah Wenn (Harlem Jets) 
3. Khalif Battle (New Heights) 
4. Adeleye Oyekanium (Harlem Jets) 
5. Precious Achiman (New Heights) 
6. Joe Touissaint (NY Rens) 
7. Luis Reysono (Northeast Finest) 
8. Papie Roberts (Newark Pharoah) 
9. Philip Joseph (NY Rens) 
10. Eric Dixon (Philly Triple Threat) 
11. Dyondre Dominquez (Bos Basketball) 
12. Ryan Myers (New Heights) 
13. Marty Silvera (Northeast Finest) 
14. Lucas Monroe (Team Phenom) 
15. Alexander Rice (New Heights) 
16. Jorman Solano (Hilltoppers Heat) 
17. Glenn Anderson (Harlem Jets) 
18. Taj Anderson (Team Twelve) 
19. Chris Ings (Team Phenom) 
20. Alex Stoddard (Northeast Finest)