Monday, December 15, 2014

Diary Of A Baller: Judah McIntyre (New York, NY) Entry #2

Judah McIntyre 

Hello World, and this is Judah McIntyre with my weekly diary. This week was a lot of studying and gearing up for my Mid­Terms and my music concert that was on Sunday. 

Monday was a pretty tough day in regards to school, mainly because I received a lot of homework. Thankfully, I finished most of it in my study hall meaning I had more time to study for my math midterm that was on Wednesday. Even though it was a rough day, I had school basketball practice that made it a lot better. After my practice, I had basically the whole gym to my self for a good 45 minutes. I worked mostly on attacking with my off hand and pulling up going at full speed. Since this week required a lot of studying, after school would be really the only time this week I would really get to work on my game. Once, I got home I put my head in the books and got to studying, and that really was the end of my night. 

Tuesday, was a similar day to Monday with the exception of realizing that Parent Teacher Conference was on Friday. So, realizing this I had a lot of being a teachers pet to do(haha). After school today, I had practice, which most of the time isn't that great of a workout. So, I stayed again after practice to work on my game for another hour and a half. Throughout my mini workout, I worked a lot on improving my range and working on making my moves quicker and more elusive. Later that day, I finished up my homework and really reviewed my last notes before my test on Wednesday. 

Wednesday, I had math last period which gave me a little more time to study for my exam. I haven't gotten my test scores back yet but I definitely think I did well on it. I was so relieved that my math test was done but I realized that I had an oral spanish exam that next day. So, after school I went to my friends house and we had a little study session but we also had a lot of fun. I ended up sleeping over their house and they brought me to school the next day. 

Thursday, because of Parent Teacher Conferences, we had a half day(1:30). During first period I took my Spanish Speaking mid­term which I later got a 93 on. After that, I had a dress rehearsal for my concert on Sunday, which took up the rest of the school day. Later that night, with my mom and older sister, I went to my little sister's band concert. They played ok, but they are still not as great as me. 

Friday, I hung out with some of my friends from school since we had the day off. Since I had practice that night, I met up with my teammate Jordan, and we took the train to practice. Practice that night was good for us because we worked on a lot of game type situations, which I really think we needed and I think it helped us for our games this weekend. 

Saturday, was a really light day for me, I woke up really early for a game in Brooklyn that ended up being a forfeit which I was pretty upset about. But, I came home and I slept for a good 5 hours. Once I woke up, I was told that I had to do some housework, which isn't always fun but in my house is a must. So, for the next 2 hours I was cleaning and organizing my house to the standards of my mother. 

Sunday, was an eventful day for me, It started off with me playing in my mandatory concert. I played in an African Drumming piece and I also played in a HandBells ensemble. I was told that both acts that I was in were the best performances by far. This was great to hear but while I was on stage I was really worried about my team playing the Gauchos in the Funsport Tournament. They played great and beat the Gauchos by 16. I thank God that they won because we were able to advance to the semi­finals against Metro Flyers a rival of ours. After my concert finished I rushed down to Brooklyn just in time for our game. It was a very slow/odd game, but we ended up pulling out a victory anyway. Since we won, we are on to the Barclays Center, where we will play on the 23rd against Team Rio, a very talented team that we definitely want revenge against. 

Until Next Time, Judah McIntyre "Use Basketball Don't Let Basketball Use You" Follow My Life @j_macvip