Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Diary Of A Baller: Marquise Walker (Chicago, IL) Entry #11

Marquise Walker At School

Wassup, this is Marquise Walker with my basketball diary: 

Monday - Start of a big week for us we have our first scrimmage upcoming on Saturday so we won't get any days off this week. I got up early this week and went to school and took a Math test and made a 98 so I was happy as I went to practice. At practiced we worked on a lot of defense and pushing the ball up the court faster. After I went home ate supper, played some 2k and went to bed. 

Tuesday - Practice was short today as coach went to scout a game of one of our first regular season opponents. Practice was good today but coach stayed on me about jumping when I pass and one handed passes. After practice we went to the weight room, I did my push-ups and sit ups while the rest of the team lifted. After practice I went home and cooked some pizza, played some 2K and did my homework for Social Studies. 

Wednesday - A repeat of the first two days, I got up went to school and practice after school. Practice went long today as coach said we had a lot of stuff to get in before scrimmage on Saturday. We learned a new play and continued to work on defense. We are getting really good at defense and my help side defense has improved a lot. I now know how to play on both ends of the floor the whole game. 

Thursday - School was easy today, no homework from the day before and the week was almost over. We had practiced right after school today and it was really good. We all played hard and had fun sharing the ball and playing defense. Since I didn’t have homework I went home, watched some TV and played some PS4 until bed. 

Friday - School was easy today as the whole school was getting ready for the region championship football game against Paducah Tilghman. We won that game 36-0 and play in final 4 next week. I went to the Bowling Green game with some friends and Bowling Green lost for the first time in 53 games against Kentucky teams. Practice after school was good up until the end. Coach really got on me hard at the end and I had to do extra running for not playing good enough defense. I hate running but the discipline makes me a better player. After going to the football game I went home and went to bed excited about our first scrimmage tomorrow. 

Saturday - I woke up early and ate breakfast before going to the gym for practice at 10:00. We practiced for an hour before the game cause we didn't start until 12:00. The game went well and I played good. I even dropped a kid on a crossover and hit a three pointer off the move. I had 16 points and 8 assists, Day-Day had 24 points and Stacker had 25 for us. We beat Central Hardin, they was a really good team. After the game I went home, took a shower then went to the movies with my friends, came home and went to bed. 

Sunday - I woke up and ate breakfast and played 2k all morning before we went to the gym for practice. I went in early today because I wasn't happy with my jumper from yesterday. I made 200 shots inside the arc on the gun and 100 outside the arc. The team lifted before practice and I ran 1.5 miles while they lifted before practice started. Practice went good and we improved on our mistakes from the previous day, after practice I ate some Sonic, played 2k, did a lot of homework and wrote this diary. We scrimmage again tomorrow, I will let you know next week how I did.