Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Class Of 2022 (5th Grade) Top 25 National Player Rankings

Basketball Spotlight got a chance to watch the Class of 2022 at several national events including the Future Phenom Camp. Below is our list of the Top 25 5th Graders in America. Please remember this ranking is just our opinion and should be taken as such. Also remember these players are very young and have a lot of room to grow. Stay tuned as we update these rankings in April. 

Basketball Spotlight Class of 2022 Top 25 National Player Rankings 

1. Antonio Sellers Guard (New York) 
2. Kameren Rodriquez Guard (New York) 
3. Knasir McDaniel Guard (District Of Columbia) 
4. Keyon Webb Forward (North Carolina) 
5. Bryce Griggs Guard (Texas) 
6. Jaden Johnson Guard (Maryland) 
7. MyKel Kelley Guard (Pennsylvania) 
8. Jacob Newman Guard (North Carolina) 
9. Josiah Johnson Guard (California) 
10. Sonny Johnson Jr. Guard (Ohio) 
11. Grant Ott Large Forward (Indiana) 
12. Sammy Scott Guard (Maryland) 
13. Josiah Harris Forward (Ohio) 
14. Devon Williams Guard (Maryland) 
15. Donovan Leak Guard (Virginia) 
16. Ramel Lloyd Guard (New York) 
17. Jason Moore Forward (Maryland) 
18. Dean Newsome Guard (Pennsylvania) 
19. Sean Jones Guard (Ohio) 
20. Farrell Crowell Guard (District Of Columbia) 
21. Chris Winborne Guard (Maryland) 
22. Javon Tracy Guard (Indiana) 
23. Isaiah Freeman Guard (Pennsylvania) 
24. Cameron Johnson Guard (Ohio) 
25. Evan Young Guard (Utah)