Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Diary Of A Baller: Marquise Walker (Chicago, IL) Entry #9

On Monday I woke from a good practice on Sunday. It was a great feeling. So I woke up and ate some breakfast and headed to school. School was fun. My first period is CSI and we talked about the railroad killer. He murdered 15 people in the U.S and Mexico. He was a really bad person. He was sentenced to death. After school I went over to practice and my boy Mike foot is hurt and my bro Brandon Stacker hurt his arm. So are two key players are not playing. Practice was really good we worked on some defenses and some up and down situations. I did really well on the fast breaks. After practice I went home and I finished my homework. After that I talked to my brother. I played 2K15 and took a bath and went to sleep. 

The next day I woke up and thanked God for another day. Then I went to school and now in my first period we talked about The Barefoot Bandit. He stole cars; he robbed houses, and stole airplanes. Some people actually talked good about him and he outran the police force for two years. After school I went to practice and we went to the weight room. I did 100 pushups and 100 sit-ups. I also ran for a little bit. Then I went home finished my homework and went to bed.   

On Wednesday I felt sick. I didn’t say anything about it though. At school my head was hurting a lot. I took aspirin and it didn’t work. After a sick school day I went to practice, and it was actually pretty good to be sick. I’m progressing with the team. I’m learning my personnel way better. After practice I went home and did my homework. Then I played 2k15 and fell asleep. 

The next day I went to school and I had a very good day at school it was very fun. I went to practice and we did some running. Then we did some scrimmaging and I pushed the ball a lot. After that I went into the weight room. Then I went to the middle school basketball game. After that I went home ate some food, took a bath and went to sleep. 

On Friday school was okay. It was just really boring. After school I went home because we had no practice. I played some 2k for like two hours and then I went to a Bonfire party. It was really fun. We had hot dogs and we talked by the fire and we ate some sweets. After the Bonfire I went home and played some more 2k until I fell asleep. 

On Saturday I woke up and played some Call of Duty. And then I got ready to go to Coach Carlos’s son football game. While I was there I was hanging out with Ray, Jawuan, and Darius. The game was good but we loss by 3 it was a very good game. Afterwards we went to Dave & Busters and we hanged around for hours it was really fun. I got home around like 12:30 A.M. and I talked on the phone for a little while and fell asleep. 

The next day I woke up later so I could get extra sleep in for practice. Then I went to practice and it was slow at first but then we picked it up and the starting 5 finished slow. So coach made us run and do defensive slides with the back of our hands touching the ground. If you messed up you had to do it over. Then I went home finished playing 2K15, Madden 25, did my diary and fell asleep. 

See You Guys Next Week,