Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nobal Has Game For Days!

Nobal Days (Butler Elite)

Nobal Days is a 6’7 seventh grader who does it all for his team Butler Elite. It’s easy to say that Nobal is better than other players because he’s tall, but that is a very short sighted view. Nobal is a great passer in the post, can handle the ball very well for a big man, routinely blocks shots, and runs the floor like a deer. 

Recently Nobal has ran into some road blocks as he is being penalized for dunking in games, but that won’t be enough to hold the big man down. So far this season the Butler Elite 2019 team has a 32-3 record and Nobal is gaining praise from grassroots enthusiasts across the nation. 

It’s refreshing to see a young big man who isn’t afraid to bang inside and passes the ball so well. While many big guys want to step outside and launch threes, you can find Nobal Days pulling down rebounds and firing outlet passes to open teammates. 

With the combination of size, skill, and positive attitude that Nobal Days possesses it’s hard to imagine him being anything besides a star in the near future.