Friday, April 25, 2014

AC Showcase 8th Grade Best Of The Best And Super 20 Player Performance Rankings!

Marvin Bagley (WACG)

The 8th Grade Division of the AC Showcase brought some of the best ballers that ever came through Basketball Spotlight. Here’s our Best Of The Best listing including the Top 25 Player Performance Rankings from the event. 

AC Showcase 8th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Performer & Best Prospect: Marvin Bagley III (WACG) 
Bagley takes home both of these honors as he showed the East Coast that he’s truly the #1 Player in the Country. His total dominance was on display and he carved his name in the Spotlight archives forever. 

Best Scorer: Jahnvon Quinerly (Team IZOD) 
“Inferno’s” explosive 34 point outing during the big showdown will be one to be remembered. It was only fitting that ended the contest with the game winner shot. He’s another one that will be missed after he’s leaves the Spotlight circuit. 

Best Floor General: Ja’Quaye James (Playaz) 
As previously stated James sees the floor like an old school point guard. His teammates need to be ready with their hands up or get a Spalding mark on their face. He has eyes in the back of his head. 

Best Shooter: Darius Garland (WACG) 
Nobody in this event had more range and heart to pull the trigger as Garland. On the biggest stage in the country he was pulling bombs from the cheap seats. 

Best Defender: Nazi Reid (Team IZOD) 
Reid anchored Team IZOD defense with his shot blocking prowess. He will toss shots when guards are coming at him or he will also chase you down while in transition. 

Best Game: WACG vs. Team IZOD 
We had some great games during my Spotlight tenure but none quite like that Saturday night showdown. It was truly epic and will be a hard one to top. Trust me! 

AC Showcase Super 20 Player Performance Rankings 
1. Marvin Bagley (WACG) 
2. Jahvon Quinerly (Team IZOD) 
3. Nazi Reid (Team IZOD) 
4. Darius Garland (WACG) 
5. Cameron Johnson (WACG) 
6. Ja’Quaye James (Playaz) 
7. Justin Winston (Playaz) 
8. Luther Muhammad (Team IZOD) 
9. Kevin Easley (G3IE) 
10. Marquis Brown (WACG) 
11. Charles Pride (Gym Ratz) 
12. Mark Freeman (WACG) 
13. Markquis Nowell (Playaz) 
14. Atiba Taylor (Team IZOD) 
15. Armoni Sexton (Playaz) 
16. Shaquest Chavis (Team Twelve) 
17. Theodore Senior (Team Twelve) 
18. Kyle Thompson (Team IZOD) 
19. Tahanj Pettway (Team DEMI) 
20. Quashawn Lane (Joey’s Angels)