Monday, April 28, 2014

Grand Finale Point Total Update!

The Basketball Road to the Grand Finale made its fith stop at the AC Showcase in Atlantic City, NJ. The next stop is the MDC in Neptune, NJ. Many top teams picked up points and things should only intensify as we head down near the America’s Playground. The Grand Finale Final Four will take place June 21st and 22nd. Here’s a look at the new point total. 

8th Grade Teams 
Team IZOD (17 Points) 
Playaz (16 Points) 
Team Twelve (12 Points) 
Team Takeover (10 Points) 
Maryland Scholars (9 Points) 
Team Final (7 Points) 

7th Grade Teams 
Team Takeover (20 Points) 
Team RIO National (14 Points) 
Team Nelson (11 Points) 
Rens (10 Points) 
Team Final (9 Points) 
CIA Bounce (8 Points) 

6th Grade Teams 
Team IZOD (13 Points) 
Team Takeover Black (8 Points) 
Team Takeover Orange (7 Points) 
Gauchos (7 Points) 
Team Glory (7 Points) 
GH Rising Stars (5 Points) 

5th Grade Teams 
Team Glory (12 Points)
Playtime Panthers (6 Points) 
S Elite (5 Points) 
WACG (4 Points) 
Team Takeover Black (4 Points) 
Team Nation (3 Points) 
Hilltoppers Heat (3 Points)