Friday, April 25, 2014

AC Showcase 7th Grade Best Of The Best & Super 15 Player Performance Rankings

Justin Moore (Team Takeover)

The 8th Grade Division of the AC Showcase brought some of the best ballers that ever came through Basketball Spotlight. Here’s our Best Of The Best listing including the Top 25 Player Performance Rankings from the event. 

AC Showcase 7th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Performer: Justin Moore (Team Takeover) 
Yes Moore walks away with this award after leading TTO to another championship. He has made two Spotlight appearances with this squad and both times was holding the banner on Sunday. Can anyone slow him down? 

Best Prospect: Mahki Mitchell (DC Premier) 
After watching him this weekend Mitchell has all the tools to have a very bright future. He has the obvious size but the fact that he’s so confident and comfortable on the wing is even scarier. Mark my words he’s a problem. 

Best Scorer: Khyree Temple (Team Final) 
Simply put, Temple just has a nose for the ball and a knack to put it in the hole. He’s 28 point outburst top the charts for 7th Graders in this tournament. 

Best Floor General: Tyger Campbell (WACG) 
Few can argue this award because this kid did whatever he wanted to whoever guarded him. He plays with the speed and flair that keeps the crowd on the edge of their seats. 

Best Shooter: Matt Cross (Expressions) 
The kid showed he could knock them down even on the narrow floor. Take your chance and leave him open and you will pay dearly. 

Best Defender: Mahkel Mitchell (DC Premier) 
Mahkel makes life difficult when opponents are trying to score. His length causes some major issues during the game. 

AC Showcase Super 15 Player Performance Rankings 
1. Justin Moore (Team Takeover) 
2. Tyger Campbell (WACG) 
3. Mahki Mitchell (DC Premier) 
4. Khyree Temple (Team Final) 
5. Evan Buckley (DC Premier) 
6. Anthony Harris (Team Takeover) 
7. Terrence Williams (Team Takeover) 
8. Mahkel Mitchell (DC Premier) 
9. Lance Jones (WACG) 
10. Shawn Johnson (Team Final) 
11. Dontae Scott (Team Nelson) 
12. Fahmir Ali (Team Final) 
13. Matt Cross (Expressions) 
14. Tyler Brelsford (Team Takeover) 
15. Shawn”ke Knight (WACG)