Monday, April 7, 2014

Diary Of A Baller: Ja'Quaye James (Englewood, NJ) Entry #7

"Im A Prospect!"

Wassup this Ja'Quaye James and I'm signing on. 

Took care of business as usual this week. Spent a lot of time in school catching up on some work and finishing up on some future projects, early. With AAU starting I know my weekends are gonna be booked up. I got to spend some time with my little sister even though she's annoying sometimes, but she is only 5 and I do love her. The whole week I was just in the gym getting better...usually that's the only thing on my mind, but with the 8eye classic game approaching I could not stop thinking about it. 

I don't usually talk I just play, but the trash talking started early, even before game day. I had people saying you gonna get killed young boy you trash. I did not let that bother me at all, I just laughed. On game day I showed everybody what the hype was all about. First half was regular for me, because I was just trying to get everybody involved, so that was ok. Then a man in the crowd said turn it up I read your dairies every week, I want to see you play not these other cats, so that's what I did. I kicked it up for the man, for this cool kid who said he came to watch me play, my man #8eye JB and myself. I got MVP and my man Cha-Ching violated the mic. 

I put on for my city once again. Two weeks from now I will put on in AC Showcase....Turn-up time...can't wait...this JellyFam and I'm sighing off. 

PS: Stay tuned, my man 8eye, my man Cha-Ching and I are about to put something together real nice in the future. Looking forward to that collaboration in weeks to come. 

Men lie women lie numbers don't. It's sad when you have to prove yourself to the same people that you have been proving yourself to all year. "WHATEVER" Small thing to a Giant!!! Playazfam