Monday, April 28, 2014

Diary Of A Baller: Ja'Quaye James (Englewood, NJ) Entry #10

Team Player

Yooooooooooo world it's your boy Ja'Quaye James aka JellyFam Guwop signing on. All week I pretty much worked out and chilled. I was able to get in the gym 4 out of the 5days I had off from school. So I was good with that. We were gearing up for our Spring Fling tournament that we won in our age group, but got beat in the 16u division. It was tough, but I did what I needed to do. I played very well against bigger and stronger competition, so I guess we don't have to guess about me any more. You can't teach heart, that's all my pops tells me, and I am a firm believer. 

Can I handle playing up? Man can they handle me? All in all I had fun playing in both divisions. With the 16's we lost more than we won, but we were playing up, no excuses. I played really well against New York Lightning. I had like a good 18, our second game I played decent and our third game, it was everything, I had 20 points, but it didn't count so I can't celebrate that. 

In the 8th grade division, we was dominating the whole weekend. My favorite game was the championship game, I led my team vocally,and with points, and assists and they finished everything, we ended up beating Baltimore Elite by 12. I had 20pts and 6 wasn't too bad against a good team like that. It was good to compete and be back with my bros.. PLAYAZFAM can't do it without you'll. 

 Signing off... Men lie Women lie numbers don't!