Tuesday, April 22, 2014

AC Showcase 8th Grade Top Performers Part 1

Marvin Bagley III

The Basketball Spotlight 8th Grade Division of the AC Showcase featured some of the best talent in the country period. Here’s a look at Part 1 of the top performers from the AC Showcase. 

AC Showcase 8th Grade Top Performers Part 1 

Marvin Bagley III Forward (WACG)- Bagley came in regarded as the top player in the country and showed why. The 6’9 southpaw captivated the fans with his size, skill set and playing making ability. He spent most of the weekend tested the rim strength while banging home tons of dunks. In his matchup versus the Supreme Team, Bagley proved to separate himself from his peers. I like his footwork and moves on the post. He also surprised me with court vision when teammates were cutting. His big time dunk on Saturday night in front of the packed house will be one to remember in Spotlight history. If there’s someone better in America please point me in his direction. He’s #1 in my book! Stay tuned because we have more Bagley coming.

Darius Garland Guard (WACG)- If you looked up confidence in the dictionary they probably have a picture of this kid. This kid’s range is when he walks in the gym. He spent most of the weekend nailing treys from the floor logo. He loves taking the big shot including the dagger that ends the dream for opponents. But if you think he’s just a spot up shooter you are sadly mistaken. Garland has a serious handle, wiggle and breakdown ability. He can finish in transition; see the floor and loves throwing lobs to teammates. You have to love his swagger!

Cameron Johnson Guard (WACG)- Johnson proved to be the most consistent guard for the Nashville boys this weekend. He’s deadly because he can hurt you in so many different ways. He penetrates the defense and scores with a floater or tough finish. He also will shoot the lights out from the corner in the half court set or in transition. There’s nothing fancy about his game but his substance speaks volumes. He torched all three opponents in the super White Division.

Marquis Brown Guard (WACG)- Speaking of defense this baller picked off passes like Deion Sanders and played locked down defense. He was assigned high scoring guard Jahvon Quinerly in the finals and his length caused a few issues which helped WACG cruise to the victory. On offense he’s a transition demon and usually finishes with an extended left hand. He also showed the ability to hit the mid-range pull up. He was one of the best athletes in the building and has a huge upside.

Mark Freeman Guard (WACG)-Every good car has a serious engine and Freeman provides this service for WACG. The lightning quick point guard pushes the rock in a blur and has a handle the shakes defenders out of their boots. I like how he sees the floor, delivers the pill on time and hit the mid-range pull up or deep ball. On defense he’s one of the best in the land, he's constantly turning over ball handlers and beating them to the spot. In this day and age many young players don’t except their role on the squad but this kid seems like an exception.

Tyger Campbell Guard (WACG)-Campbell came off the bench in the Big Showdown and showed why he has to be the best 7th Grade point guard in the country. He got to the cup on demand and went on a personal 7 point run which helped WACG gain their biggest lead of the game. He changes gears better than most and has unique finishing ability. He seems more eager when playing against 8th Graders.

Jahvon Quinerly Guard (Team IZOD)- I learned a few things in AC and one of them was that Jahvon “Inferno” Quinerly is the best scoring guard in America. Yes I said America. During the Saturday night showdown Quinerly caught fire to help the Supreme Team comeback and get the victory. He had the ball falling from all three levels and finished the game with 34 points including the now controversial game winner. I’m in the office now shining up that Spotlight POY trophy.

Nazereon Reid Forward (Team IZOD)-Reid showed flashes of being one of the best in the country. In his showdown with Bagley he attacked the rim at times with dunks including a nasty backdoor reverse lob. I do think he needs to be a little active on the post because he tends to wander on the perimeter. On defense he always a factor in the middle and gives the IZOD guards a chance to gamble in the passing lanes. He stood tall in his big time matchup with Marvin Bagley. All in all he’s the top prospect in the region and that doesn’t seem to change anytime soon.

Luther Muhammad Guard (Team IZOD)- Muhammad stepped up again on both ends of the floor. You have to give this kid kudos on the way he improved his offensive game. He now has confidence in his jumper and ability to create plays off the dribble. He had a couple key buckets in IZOD’s comeback victory over WACG Saturday night.

Atiba Taylor Guard (Team IZOD)- During the big showdown Saturday night, Taylor did a good job handling the pressure of the WACG guards. Right now he’s playing at more of a half court pace which is good for his development as he approaches high school. I expect his game to continue to turn the corner.

Kyle Thompson Guard (Team IZOD)- In the semifinals against the Playaz, Thompson came off the bench and sparked IZOD. His outside shot was wet and he got it off in a hurry. They had plays designed for Kyle and he made the most of them. He reminds me of a young Vinnie “Microwave” Johnson.

Don't Panic This Is Only Part 1, we have tons of more coverage coming your way.