Saturday, December 4, 2021


All Games Use Stop Clocks 

4TH GRADE Division- 2 (12 Minutes Halves) 
5TH GRADE Division- 2 (12 Minute Halves) 
6TH GRADE Division- 2 (13 Minute Halves) 
7TH GRADE Division- 2 (14 Minute Halves) 
8TH GRADE Division- 2 (14 Minute Halves) 

Foul Out- 5 Fouls 
1-1 Bonus- 10 Fouls 
Double Bonus- 13 Fouls 

Overtime: 2 minutes. 

Time Outs: There will two full timeouts a half (4 per game) for each team. No carry over and no 30 seconds time outs. 

Uniforms: Each Team must have two sets of uniforms (light and dark). 
Mercy Rule: If a team is ahead by 20 points the clock will run and with 2 minutes remaining in the contest the game will be called at that point. The team ahead by 20 will be awarded the victory. 

Birth Certificates: All teams must have birth certificates for each player on their roster in case of a challenge. Each team will be allowed unlimited grade exceptions. Grade Exceptions must have paperwork.  Eligibility Cut Off Date Is July 1. Reclass Eligibility Cut Off Sept. 1 

Challenges: Must be made before the game and will cost the challenging team $60. If the challenging team is correct their money will be refunded.