Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Tip Off Classic 8th Grade Best Of The Best And All Tournament Team

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 8th Grade Division was loaded with talent. Here’s our Best Of The Best and All Tournament Team. 

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 8th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Performer: AJ Dybantsa (Expressions Elite)- The #1 Prospect In America gave the crowd what they came for. In the finals he totally separated himself from his peers. 

Best Defender: Desmond Bellot Jr. (Expressions Elite)- Bellot Jr. lockdown defense in the finals earned him MVP honors of the game. 

Best Floor General: Richie Rosa (NJ Legacy)- Rosa ran the controls and quarterbacked the retooled NJ Legacy to the championship game. He has been a proven winner on the circuit for years. 

Best Playmaker: Stephen Ashley Wright (Team Final)- This Delaware kid got busy all weekend whether he’s scoring or setting up teammates. He’s very exciting to watch. 

Best Impact: Joshua Hutson (DPS Success)- This kid was a beast on both sides of the floor. He scored and passed whenever he wanted while also being a lockdown defender. 

Best Scorer: Eric James Jr. (Pittsburgh Supreme)- James Jr. exploded for a new Tip Off Classic record with 40 points versus DPS Success. He was a pure bucket that weekend. 

Best Shooter: Adam Conheeny (Expressions Elite)- Adam made the defense pay when they left him open. He’s a constant deep threat. 

Best Fresh Face: Sam Clachko (PHD Bethea)- Don’t let the innocent face fool you, Sam is a trained assassin on the floor. He will kill you from all three levels. 

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 8th Grade All Tournament Team 
AJ Dybantsa (Expressions Elite) 
Desmond Bellot Jr. (Expressions Elite) 
Adam Conheeny (Expressions Elite) 
Patrick Otey Guard (Expressions Elite) 
Richie Rosa Guard (NJ Legacy) 
Saad Mitchell Guard (NJ Legacy) 
Mason Santiago Guard (NJ Legacy) 
Julius Avanl Guard (NJ Legacy) 
Stephon Ashley-Wright Guard (Team Final) 
Patrese Feamster Forward (Team Final) 
Bryce Pressley Forward (Team Final) 
Hunter Peabody Guard (Expressions Elite) 
Justin Urey Guard (Expressions Elite) 
Eric James Jr. (Pittsburgh Supreme) 
Sam Clachko (PHD Bethea)