Monday, December 20, 2021


Thanks for last week and this is week 2 of my journey so let's get started. 

Monday, I woke up at 5:45 to do my regular routine for school. This week wasn’t going to be a strict week because it was the last week before Christmas break. Got to school and had my classes. Did my homework after school and went to a lift session in our school weight lifting gym. Had a good session before going to expressions practice. We went over plays and did our usual practice. Finished my homework then went to bed. 

Tuesday, basically the same day. I woke up at 5:45 to start my routine then I was off to school. Fun day at school because it was mostly a chill day of learning. After school I had a project I had to finish so I finished that then went to a light lift session. My mom came to pick me up then I went to my trainer Brandon for a skills session. I came back home, had dinner then hit the bed. 

Wednesday, more of the same. Woke up at 5:45 again and started my routine for school and headed out. School was another chill day and we ended up not having homework. I didn't lift today but I had expressions practice today and it was the same type of practice on Monday. Went home and hit the bed because my body was tire. 

Thursday, first day of the 3 day tournament at my school, St Sebastians. I was excited during school to finally be able to be back on the high school side of things. School was normal and we had no homework again. School was over and our first game was against Taft and I had 16 and 6. We won and I contributed to the team and got the victory, then I went home and went to sleep. 

Friday, our second day of the tournament so I was excited today as well. Did my morning routine then went to school. School was fun and we had a Christmas concert with the band. Our second game of the tourney was against Brunswick and I had 24 and 8. We won again and we celebrated. 

Saturday was the last day of the Sebs tournament and we played Deerfield. I had 33. Great performance by me and we ended up winning. We went 3-0 and celebrated. I love my team and couldn't wait to get back. 

 Stay tuned for next week!!