Monday, December 13, 2021

Tip Off Classic 6th Grade Orange Division Top Performers Part 2

The Basketball Spotlight 6th Grade Orange Division gave us a glimpse into the future. Here’s our second look at the top performers. 

Tip Off Classic 6th Grade Orange Division Top Performers Part 2 

Jamieson Young Guard (SBA 2028)- Young is an elite shooter that you cannot leave open. He hit big shots all weekend long. His shot making ability makes him a weapon on offense. It helped his teammates get to the rim because of shot making ability. He has a good handle that helps him get his shot off.

Malachi Odgubela Guard (SBA 2028) - Malachi is an exciting guard that plays the game with reckless abandon. He keeps constant pressure on the defense because he is always pushing the basketball. He is also an excellent defender that can pressure the ball.

Jajuan Bennett Guard (SBA 2028)- Bennett is a good lead guard that always seems to make the right play. He has a very good handle that he uses to set up his teammates for easy baskets. Jajuan puts nice pressure on the ball that usually leads to turnovers.

Mike Kmetz Forward (Westchester Athletics)- Kmetz is an all around good player. He does everything that his team needs him to do. He has a good handle that helps him to push the ball in transition. Mike has a very good jump shot that he knocks down with ease. He is a very good rebounder and a good defender too.

Jaylen Lewis (NJ Legacy)- Lewis is a very good player that has a good handle that he uses to get to anywhere on the floor. He is an agile player that uses his body to finish with ease at the rim.

Will Brunson Guard (NJ Legacy)- Brunson is a very good scorer that keeps the defense off balance. We believe that he will be a high level scorer at the next level. He is a good defender that keeps the offensive player off balance.

Ethan Riullano Guard (Riverside Hawks)- Ethan is a knock down shooter for his team. He has a serviceable handle that helps him to get off his quick jump shot. Ethan hits some big shots this weekend to keep his team in the game. Keep an eye out for players who are going to be good. He hit 14 treys over the weekend.