Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Tip Off Classic 8th Grade Orange Division Top Performers Part 2

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 8th Grade Orange Division was loaded with talent. Here’s our second look at the top performers. 

Tip Off Classic 8th Grade Orange Division Top Performers Part 2 

Stephon Ashley-Wright Guard (Team Final)- Asley-Wright makes plays all over the floor. He is a tenacious defender that gives offensive players problems. Stephon keeps the pressure on the defense by continuously pushing the ball on offense. He is a player that can live above the rim with thunderous dunks and electrifying finishes at the rim. He is the team’s spark plug that never stops working. He tallied 22 markers in their semi-finals loss. 

Patrese Feamster Forward (Team Final)- Feamster is an excellent defender and a very good finisher at the rim. He is a high energy player that does what his team needs him to do to win. He is a tremendous rebounder that can get the ball off the rim and push the ball in transition. He has a nice midrange jumper that he hit with consistency.

Bryce Pressley Forward (Team Final)- Bryce is an elite slasher that can get to the rim at will. He is a pretty good defender that helps his team on the defensive side of the ball. He has active hands that stay in the passing lane to deflect or steal the ball from the offensive player.

Hunter Peabody Guard (Expressions Elite)- Peabody is an elite shooter that knocks down timely shots for his team. He has a serviceable handle that can get him to the rim for easy finishes. He is definitely a leader on this team that does anything that his team needs to win.

Justin Urey Guard (Expressions Elite)- Urey is a steady point guard that leads his team on the floor. He is a true floor general that has good leadership ability. He gets to every 50/50 ball and he consistently makes big plays for his team. He is a good finisher at the rim and a tenacious on ball defender.

Jaren Barnett Guard (NY Rens)- Barnett is a very crafty and aggressive guard that has a very good skill set. He has a very good jumper that he knocks down consistently. Jaren also sets up his teammates up for easy buckets with his great passing.